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Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is located in northwest Beijing, the capital of China and the center of political, economic, cultural and international activities. The university is an ideal place to study Chinese language, history, politics and culture, and it is the only university in China whose main mission is to teach Chinese language and culture to international students. Since its founding 50 years ago, BLCU has taught Chinese language and culture to over 100,000 international students from 160 countries and regions around the world.  Currently, more than 10,000 international students and 6,000 Chinese students study at BLCU. 

The university's campus covers an area of 38 hectares and boasts a quiet and comfortable learning environment. It has more than 40 multifunctional language labs and multi-media classrooms, among which some are exclusively designed for phonetic training. There are a number of restaurants on-campus that offer a wide range of cuisine to choose from as well as many facilities such as a gymnasium, grocery store, and bank.

BLCU has established extensive cooperative relations with over 280 universities, including CCU, and educational institutions in 50 countries and regions worldwide. CCU is a designated exchange partner of BLCU, which means tuition fees will be based on CCU In-State Tuition rates, and students are able to study abroad for a full year or a semester.

Beijing Language and Culture University: Quick Facts
Location: Beijing, China
Student Population: 10,000 international students; 5,000 Chinese students
Who can Apply: Undergraduate Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in specific disciplines. Please contact Lori Patterson at lori@coastal.edu to find out more information. 
Academic Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA required for admission
Language Requirements: None
Language Courses Offered:

There are 2 types of Chinese language programs available at BLCU – Standard or Intensive.  The Standard Program is 20 hours a week and the Intensive Program is 30 hours a week.  Classes offered range in levels from beginner to advanced Mandarin Chinese speakers.  Classwork focuses on developing oral expression, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, and grammar. 

Tuition:  Exchange Students Pay $4,895 (CCU In-State 2014 Rate)
Accommodations: Diversified apartments are provided for students so as to meet various accommodation needs, such as hotel apartments with both guest rooms and canteens available, and fully-equipped ordinary apartments for students from both home and abroad
Projected Budget: See BLCU Budget
Additional Information:



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What's on and around the campus?

There are on campus various sports facilities, a branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, a Post Office, grocery, store, laundry, etc. Around the campus there are several big supermarkets and shopping malls and a number of restaurants, hotels and cafes with unique characters. The campus is on the bus route of line 307, 331, 690, 375, 562, 957, 86, etc. and the light-rail station of line 13 is several minutes' walk away.

2. What do the " Non-Chinese permanent mailing address ", "place of birth" and " Name of current school, university, or employer " refer to respectively?

Non-Chinese permanent mailing address: Your address out of the territory of China; please be as specific as possible.
Place of birth: The name of the city where you were born.
Name of current school, university, or employer: For students or those who have just graduated, please fill in the name of the school or university you are in or graduated from; for those who are working please fill in the name of the company you are working for.

3. Must the emergency contact be a Chinese ?

The emergency contact can be either a Chinese or a foreigner, e.g. the applicant's parents, relatives and friends. But students cannot be a contact person.

4. Can applicants without HSK apply for a B.A. Program?

They can apply for one of the two B.A. Programs only, Chinese Language and Chinese Language and Culture. And they will need to take an HSK test organized by the university before the term begins. Those who pass the test can attend the B.A.program; Those who fail should study Chinese for half a year as pre-degree students, and transfer to B.A. program when they pass the final exam. Registration fee for HSK test is 250 RMB, and 3 passport photos are required.

5. What is the application procedure for those who are studying in other Chinese universities than BLCU?

Besides all the documents required, listed on the Application Form, you should also provide the following documents: 
1. A sealed transfer letter from the Foreign Students' Office of the university;
2. A recommendation letter from the class teacher of the university concerned;
3. A photocopy of the student's visa or residence permit in China.


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Application Deadline 

Applications for Fall 2014 study abroad should be submitted to OIPS before March 14, 2014. To learn more about the application process, click here.