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Osaka Gakuin University

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  • Student Population
  • Tuition Fees
  • Accomondations and Fees
  • Projected Budget
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The International Center's mission for International students :

A commitment to :

  1. Providing international exchange students with a life-changing authentic Japanese experience.
  2. Giving students personalized experience that they will be able to reflect on and build upon after leaving OGU, where their lives and future will never the same.

Message from the Director of the International Center:

Konnichi wa!

Osaka Gakuin University invites you to become a part of the most ideal Japanese studies program to study Japanese language and culture in Japan. Our location is second to none! The campus is located only thirty minutes from Kyoto, the cultural center of Japan; ten minutes from the hub of the Osaka business and entertainment district; forty minutes from Kobe, one of the world's leading trading ports; sixty minutes from Nara, the oldest historical region of Japan, and about two and a half hours by Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from the nation's capital, Tokyo. Our Japanese studies program is the most progressive, practical and unique in all of Japan. In the morning, we offer ten hours of Japanese language a week and in the afternoon, six hours of subject-based courses related to Japan and Asia which are instructed in English by our highly qualified teachers. Many of our students live with home stay families and join cultural/sport club activities, which are often the highlight of their study abroad experience. The International Center staff offer extensive support and guidance for each student. They pride themselves on the individual attention given to each and every international student. If you are interested in a "life-changing," and unforgettable study abroad experience; we await you at Osaka Gakuin University!

Osaka Gakuin University (OGU) is pleased to offer the most innovative, practical, and educational Japanese studies program of any university in Japan! In addition to experiencing OGU’s specialized and rigorous academic curriculum, you will have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of cultural, athletic, and social clubs campus wide. Most international students will also have the unique opportunity to experience living with a Japanese host family in a long-term home stay living arrangement.

Full immersion and successful completion of OGU’s one semester or ten-month Japanese studies program will ensure you a strong Japanese language foundation and sincere appreciation for Japan, its culture, and traditions. Moreover, your experience at OGU will allow you to gain a greater understanding of the true meaning of the “global village” as you will build lifelong friendships with international students from all over the world. At OGU, you will not only learn the Japanese language and about Japanese culture, but even more importantly, you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which will forever change your life!



Student Population:

Tuition Fees:


Tuition waived for exchange students

(¥1,048,000/year regular tuition)
Books approx. ¥3,000-5,000/semester
Field Trips approx. ¥5,000-10,000/semester

*1 Regular Japanese student tuition: ¥1,048,000/year
Special Direct enrollment tuition: (Only for International Center Japanese Studies Program)

Housing*2 ¥40,000-50,000/month
Transportation fee*3 approx. ¥3,000-10,000/month
Lunch approx. ¥20,000/month
National health insurance ¥2,000-2,200/month
Liability insurance*4 ¥1,000/month
Personal expenses approx. ¥20,000-30,000/month
Total approx. ¥90,000-110,000/month

*2 The price varies depending on the type of accommodation. Please refer to the table below for details.
*3 For exchange students, when the transportation fee exceeds ¥5,000 per month, the balance will be reimbursed by OGU(Up to ¥5,000). JASSO/JENESYS scholarship recipients and direct enrollment students are responsible for their entire commuting costs. Transportation Fee (OGU→home stay/dorm→OGU)
Public transportation such as buses and trains are commonly used to commute to and from OGU. An average commuting time is approximately an hour. Students are not allowed to drive motor vehicles.
*4 The liability insurance fee varies depending on the length of stay.

Accomondations and Fees:

  Monthly rent Meals
Home stay ¥50,000 Two meals
OGU Student Apartments e.g.¥45,000 (excluding Electricity, water, gas) Not included

*If students do not wish to stay either at a home stay or at a dormitory, they are responsible for arranging their housing on their own.

Example of average apartment costs in Japan:

  • Monthly rent: ¥60,000
  • Key money: ¥250,000 (one time fee)
  • Non-furnished: (renter must purchase all furniture, appliances, electric lights, phone, and bedding)
  • Meals: Cook on your own
  • Monthly utilities: ¥7,500 (approximately: electricity ¥4,000, water ¥1,500, gas ¥2,000)
  • Transportation costs

Projected Budget:


Course Taught in English:

Courses Previously Approved:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Apply

OGU Courses


Academic Calendar 2012-2013

?Fall Semester (10 Sep – 21 Dec 2012)
Aug 30-31 Arrival in Osaka (pick up from KIX)
Sep 3-6 Orientation
Sep 8 Welcome Party
Sep 10 Classes begin
Oct 19-21 Kishibe-sai Festival
Dec 21 Classes end
Dec 21 Farewell lunch
?Spring Semester (21 Jan – 10 May 2013)
Jan 16-17 Arrival in Osaka (pick up from KIX)
Jan 18 Orientation
Jan 21 Classes begin
Mar 18-22 Spring Break
May 10 Classes end
May11 Farewell Party