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Business Study Abroad in Europe

Students on Study Abroad in EuropeThis program is designed to afford students the opportunity to develop an understanding of how the business processes, social/cultural practices, and academic preparation combine to shape the environment for business across international boundaries. Over the past several years, students have traveled to locations in both the initial EU member countries and new member countries. This year’s program will bring both students and faculty into contact with businesses (such Juwi Solar Company, Banco de Santander, Deutsche Welle), international organizations (UNESCO), and institutions of higher education in Paris (France), Mainz, Bonn/Rheinbach/Remagen (Germany), and Italy. The program's hallmarks are the interactive engagement and cooperative learning activities with students at our partner institutions in each country.

Location: Paris (France); Mainz, Bonn/Rheinbach/Remagen (Germany); and Italy
Program Dates:

May 15 – June 4, 2014


Richard Martin, Ph.D. (CBAD 364)
Monica Fine, Ph.D. (CBAD 402)

Program Fee (not including Tuition): $4,100
Tuition Fee: $350/credit hour 
Courses Offered:

CBAD 364 (Operations Management) - 3 credits
CBAD 402 (Study Abroad in International Business) - 3 credits

(Students may be able to substitute other College of Business courses in place of those offered. Please reach out to our office for more details.)  


CBAD 364: Admission to Wall College of Business and a grade of C or above in CBAD 350, 363, 371

CBAD 402: Grade of C or above in CBAD 371 (CBAD 301) or approval of instructor

Do any of the course(s) satisfy core curriculum requirements? Yes, CBAD 402
Is a Passport required? Yes, students must have a valid passport to participate on this program.
Are vaccinations needed to participate? Coastal Carolina University adheres to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.  Please visit the website http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/ for your destination.

Course Descriptions

CBAD 364 (Production/Operations Management): A study of interactions among organizational resources used in some combination to provide hte enterprise's product or service. Special attention is given to decision-making using conventional and quantitative tools and techniques with emphasis on the production function.

CBAD 402 (Study Abroad in International Business): A course requiring travel to a foreign county that prepares students to better understand and evaluate different approaches taken by companies and organizations from different national backgrounds. Focus will be on the economic, socio-cultural, and political/legal environments of a foreign country, including how business practices differ from those used by companies here in the United States.

Students on Study Abroad in Europe - ArcStudents on Study Abroad in Europe - 2Students on Study abroad in Europe

About the Program Leaders

‌‌Monica Fine Dr. Monica Fine is an assistant professor of marketing for the Wall College of Business. She has traveled throughout Europe. She led the Europe program in 2013 and will be leading the program in May 2014. It is her belief that students gain invaluable experiences studying abroad, visiting other countries, and opening their eyes to new experiences. Study abroad programs in business are in high demand to students and are well-received by potential employers upon graduation. Monica has traveled abroad to the following countries in Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. She has traveled to Brazil multiple times as well as other countries such as Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.
Richard Martin

Dr. Richard Martin, associate professor of management, has extensive experience living abroad and working in production opersations management abroad. Dr. Martin led the Europe program in 2013. He worked for different companies in Egypt, Oman, Israel, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia and Antartica for a variety of U.S. and international firms. He has traveled through France and much of the rest of Europe as a tourist and ina professional capacity for the various firms for whihc he worked, so he is ideally suited to help students understand hte role of business executives working for international firms. He has a basic knowledge of Hebrew and Arabic.


Apply Now

Maymester/Short-Term Online Application

Be prepared to supply the following information at the time you apply: 

- Statement of purpose (a Word document or PDF)
- An academic reference
- Copy of your transcript
- A health form and participation fitness certification

For More Information, Please Contact:

The Office of International Programs & Services
Ms. Lori Patterson, M.P.S.
Coordinator/Advisor, Study Abroad 
843-349-2684 / lori@coastal.edu
Singleton Building 119