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Coastal in Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo Crenellated towerCoastal in Arezzo is a residential program based at the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, with substantial instructional excursions to Florence, Rome, Fiesole, and Siena.  During their stay, students will explore the culture, history, science, and language of Italy while residing in a Tuscan villa set among the olive groves just beyond the medieval walls of one of Tuscany’s most historic cities.  As an urban center, Arezzo figured prominently in Etruscan culture, and, subsequently, the Roman Republic and Empire; it continued as a walled, castellated medieval city-republic.  During the Renaissance, the city was home to some of Italy’s greatest writers and artists, including Petrarch, Piero della Francesca, Paolo Uccello and Michelangelo. Important frescoes and paintings of the period are preserved in situ. Modern day Arezzo is an ideal setting because of its small size and relaxed atmosphere. This is a traditional working and living city where students can experience authentic Italian life. This program features shared excursions and in-city experiences that supplement differentiated course instruction, and students can choose to join optional trips to Pisa and San Gimignano.  Coastal in Arezzo allows students to immerse themselves in Italian living, while studying some of Italy’s most famous sites of artistic, scientific and historic merit under the tutelage of veteran trip leaders and accomplished Coastal faculty.  

Location: Arezzo, Italy
Program Dates: May 11 - June 1, 2014

Scott Nelson, Ph.D. (ITAL 325)
Teresa Burns, Ph.D. (ASTR 299)
Florence Eliza Glaze, Ph.D. (HIST 101, HIST 399)

Program Fee (not including Tuition): $3,975
Tuition Fee: $350/credit hour 
Courses Offered:

ITAL 325 (Italian Culture, Conversation, and Daily Life: Arrezo) - 3 credits    
ASTR 299 (The Astronomical in Daily Life: A Field Study) - 3 credits
HIST 101 (Foundations of European Civilization) - 3 credits
HIST 399 (History Independent Study) - 3 credits


ITAL 325: ITAL 110 or by instructor consent
ASTR 299: None
HIST 101: None
HIST 399: Written contract between student and instructor, approved by the Department Chair and Dean.

Do any of the course(s) satisfy core curriculum requirements? Yes, HIST 101 - Core Goal 4
Is a Passport required? Yes, students must have a valid passport to participate on this program.
Are vaccinations needed to participate? Coastal Carolina University adheres to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.  Please visit the website http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/ for your destination.

Arezzo Piero della Francesca

Course Descriptions

‌‌ITAL 325 (Italian Culture, Conversation, and Daily Life: Arezzo): This course will focus on Italian culture, conversation, and daily life in Arezzo. Daily preparation will be required for class meetings. The first half of the class will take place in the classroom by preparing students for the situations that they will encounter in Arezzo. The second half of the class will take place around the city. Students will be required to engage in real-life situations and interact with the local population and businesses. 

ASTR 299 (The Astronomical in Daily Life: A Field Study): In modern times, we have become less aware of how the stars and planets move. Throughout history, however, astronomy played a key role in many aspects of life. In this course we will discuss the science of observational astronomy. We will look at its historical development and how this led to modern scientific ideas. We will discuss the role that astronomy played in all aspects of everyday life historically. Much of this history took place in Italy with the direct patronage of the Church. During the field trips, we will investigate how astronomical measuring devices were used in architecture, mainly in religious edifices and other historical structures, and visit places of historical interest to astronomy's development. In addition, to better understand the astronomical measurement devices, we will be making astronomical and physical measurements using the same devices employed by historical astronomers.

HIST 101 (Foundations of European Civilization): This 3-credit course provides an overview of the Foundations of European Civilization. As this is a Study Abroad version of HIST 101, we will focus on Italian history from Antiquity through the disintegration of the Roman Empire in the fifth century, the rise of religious institutions and urban communces in the Middle Ages, and the various transformations in the Reformation. 

HIST 399 (History Independent Study): Prereq - Written contract between student and instructor, approved by Department Chair and Dean. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

About the Program Leaders

Scott Nelson ‌Dr. Scott Nelson holds a Ph.D. in Italian Studies and spent three years living in Italy. He specializes in Italian language and culture and has extensive experience working with American students in Italy. His course, ITAL 325, Italian Culture, Conversation and Daily Life (prereq: ITAL 110), provides students with the tools necessary to immerse themselves in Italian culture and to make the most of their time in Italy. Dr. Nelson has travelled extensively through Italy and around the world. Having visited over 50 countries, he can provide students with suggested travel itineraries and best practices for safe travel in Italy.

Phone: 843-349-2648
Teresa Burns

Dr. Teresa Burns, Associate Professor of Physics, has experience teaching astronomy and astronomy lab, and many years’ experience teaching introductory physics both to science majors and to non-science majors.  Her research interests include physics education with a focus on implementing innovative curriculum to facilitate conceptual understanding of physics.  She has extensive travel experience including a workshop in Florence on Galileo’s life and work.  She has accompanied several CCU study abroad trips, including one to Florence, and she has traveled with students to Moscow, and Yerevan, Armenia, for the purposes of research.  In addition, Dr. Burns lived abroad in Saarbruecken, Germany, and has traveled independently in Europe and North America.  During Maymester in Arezzo, Dr. Burns will teach ASTR 299, which will focus on the historical development of science and astronomy, with a focus on the contributions made by Galileo and Italian culture, both secular and religious, as evidenced in the art and architecture we will visit. 

E-mail:  tburns@coastal.edu
Phone:  843-349-2225  

Eliza Glaze

‌Dr. Eliza Glaze holds a Ph.D. from Duke University, where she specialized in the study of Medieval European History, the History of Science & Medicine, and Latin Palaeography.  She has conducted research, published and lectured in Italy for more than a decade.  A Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, she lived in Rome as recipient of an Andrew W. Mellon Rome Prize from 2007-8. She has led multiple study abroad trips, including trips to Italy, Ireland and England.  During Maymester in Arezzo, Dr. Glaze will teach History 101, a course examining Italy’s role in laying the foundations of European civilization from Antiquity through the Renaissance (fulfills CCU Core Curriculum requirement 4 “knowledge of humanistic concepts”), as well as direct History 399, independent study for advanced History majors.

E-mail:  fglaze@coastal.edu
Phone:  843-234-3462   


Apply Now

Maymester/Short-Term Online Application

Be prepared to supply the following information at the time you apply: 

- Statement of purpose (a Word document or PDF)
- An academic reference
- Copy of your transcript
- A health form and participation fitness certification

For More Information, Please Contact:

The Office of International Programs & Services
Ms. Lori Patterson, M.P.S.
Coordinator/Advisor, Study Abroad 
843-349-2684 / lori@coastal.edu
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