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Contributor Guidelines

Bridges seeks contributions representing the best student research and scholarly work at CCU. PLEASE NOTE that you must submit your work as a Word (.doc or .docx) file and that your submission must follow APA formatting guidelines. Submission topics and approaches may fit into any of the following categories:

  • Scholarly work in one academic discipline (a Marine Biology research project, for example, or a historical study).
  • Cross- or multi-disciplinary work not limited to or defined by the subject matter or approach of only one academic discipline.

Publishable submissions will commonly begin as these sorts of projects:

  • Research reports and papers assigned in academic courses (usually upper-level or graduate courses).
  • Graduate-level, senior-level, or honors theses undertaken as part of the degree requirement for some students.
  • Presentations, papers, or other projects produced for presentation at an academic conference or other exposition.

If you have completed a project that you feel is worthy of publication, ask a full-time faculty member to "sponsor" your submission by writing a letter to accompany your submission. This letter should explain why your work should be considered for publication. This letter should be submitted to the editor by email (as a Word or .pdf attachment) at the same time as the work under consideration. SUBMISSIONS NOT ACCOMPANIED BY A SUPPORTING LETTER WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!

Contributions should be submitted online at http://ww2.coastal.edu/coi/submissions. In order to ensure anonymity during the refereeing process, submissions should bear the title only as a means of identification. Please include the full names of all contributors to the submission on a cover sheet or accompanying note.


TYPE: Times New Roman, 12 pt.

STYLE: APA 5th edition

MARGINS/LINE SPACING/JUSTIFICATION: 1 inch left, right, and top, 1.25 inches bottom; single spacing, with a line between paragraphs; full-justified.

HEADINGS: Primary headings should be centered and capitalized; secondary headings should be flush left, in upper- and lower-case letters.

PAGE NUMBERS: Do not include page numbers.

TITLE: Set title in bold and center at top of first page.

ABSTRACT: An abstract is required at the beginning; please limit to 150 words. The abstract should start with the word “abstract” centered in capital letters, 3 lines beneath the title. The abstract should be italicized throughout.

TABLES/DIAGRAMS/FIGURES: Include any tables, diagrams, and figures in the body of the text.

FOOTNOTES: Do not use footnotes; references should be incorporated in parentheses into the text with last name and year of publication per APA guidelines [e.g. (Tomczyk, 1998)].

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Provide a bibliography at the end, in alphabetical order. It should start with the word “references” centered and in capital letters.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Include a brief biographical statement immediately following the text and references; length: 100 words maximum..

For files accompanying the primary submission:

Bridges allows and encourages links in the submitted text to various non-text formats. The following formats are possible, but must be submitted as accompaniments to the primary text submission, not as stand-alone submissions:

  • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt format)
  • Video projects (.mpeg format)
  • Audio recordings (.mp3 format)
  • Visual art projects (.jpeg or .gif format)
  • Other multi-media or "new media" formats

If you have questions about submitted a non-Word file as accompaniment to your submission, please consult with the editor on any questions regarding file size, file type, format, and content. The Bridges editorial staff will make every effort to accommodate new and non-traditional media into the journal, but no guarantee is made for the consideration of any specific format. Some "new media" formats may work well for the journal, and some may not, but you are encouraged to submit any work that you and a sponsoring faculty member feel is appropriate for inclusion in the journal.

Copyright information:

Submissions to Bridges should not be under consideration simultaneously by other conferences or journals. Authors warrant and covenant to Coastal Carolina University that their work neither infringes upon nor violates any existing copyright and agree to indemnify and hold Coastal Carolina University harmless against any costs from claims, litigation, and/or judgments that might arise from any breach or infringement. Contributors to Bridges retain copyright to their works and may republish them in whole or part after they appear in Bridges.

Submissions to Bridges should be submitted via email attachment directly to the editor, Keaghan Turner (kturner@coastal.edu). All other journal correspondence should be directed to the current editor.