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Automated External Defibrillators

AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators are devices used in conjunction with CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) to keep a person who is having a heart attack alive until advanced medical care is available. These are not stand alone devices. They will prompt the user to do CPR when a shock is not required. Both CPR and the AED are needed to give the victim of a heart attack the best chance of survival.

To be prepared to use an AED and to help a person having a heart attack, the rescuer needs instruction in CPR and AED use. This instruction is available free of charge, on a regular monthly basis, through the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

Coastal Carolina University has a number of AEDs on campus. The locations of the AEDs are as follows:

  • Fire Marshal's Car
  • Alarm Tech's Car
  • Police Car
  • Public Safety Lobby (Behind front desk)
  • Williams Brice (Room 101)
  • Williams Brice (Recreation Desk)
  • Williams Brice Gym (Room 100)
  • Wheelwright (Ticket Office)
  • Wall Board Room (Break Room)
  • Wall building (1st Floor, At Elevator)
  • Brooks Stadium Training Room
  • Brooks Stadium Field House (By elevator)
  • Foundation Building (Break Room)
  • Edwards Building (Lobby, Left)
  • Singleton Building (Left of Room 116)
  • Student Center (Main Hallway)
  • Commons (Front door)
  • Library
  • Kearns Building (First Floor Hall)
  • Prince Building (By Front Door)
  • Smith Science (1st Floor, Under Fire Strobe)
  • Sands Hall (Middle of Building)
  • HREO (L side of Computer Wall)
  • Coastal Science (Main Entrance)
  • Intramural Building (@ Intramural Office)
  • Golf Course (Club Room)
  • UP Pools (Resident Services Building)
  • 79th Avenue Campus (Lobby)
  • Litchfield Campus (Hall to R of Entrance)
  • Baxley Hall (Upstairs Hall)


Safety and Transportation
470 Allied Drive
Conway, SC 29526
Ph: 843-234-3433

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