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Work Requests

Submitting A Work Request

To submit your work requests fill out the on-line
form at www.myschoolbuilding.com as indicated in the steps
You will find this area filled in with your information, first name, last name, email, and phone number.
To enter the location and building where the work is to
occur, use the drop down menu to choose your location and building. To choose the area the first field has a drop down menu with selected areas. You maychoose the area if you find it listed here. If it is not listed then type in your area and room number in the second area field that does not contain a drop down menu. This area is required to have information entered in it.
Select the problem type. Click on the problem type that best describes your issue. After you select the type the system will refresh and your problem type, will be highlighted with a red circle.
Enter a complete description of your problem or request. In this area also, if you are requesting an event set-up, please enter the event start time and the event end time. This will allow the Facilities staff to schedule time to set up for your event and to remove and clean up the area, or set up for the next event in the same area.
Enter time here only if it is necessary otherwise skip this step.
The purpose code for all work to be completed by the Facilities staff is Facilities Maintenance.
Please select the following purpose code if your requests is:
  • Renovations/Additions to Buildings: All Renovations/Additions request
    must be routed to the Provost Office for approval before sending to Facilities.
    Please be careful to choose this purpose code only for changing and/or making
    additions to an existing area.
  • Media Services: If your request is to order CD�s, DVD�s or tapings of
    shows, performances, or events please use the Media Services purpose code. This
    will route your request directly to Media Services.
  • Environmental Health & Safety: If your request is in relation to
    alarms please choose Environmental Health & Safety purpose code. This will
    route your request directly to the EHS staff.
  • Vandalism: If your request is for repairs on an area caused by
    vandalism please choose the vandalism purpose code.
  • University Housing Maintenance: For Res Life maintenance staff to complete.
  • University Housing Custodial: For Res Life custodial staff to compete.
To choose the date you would like your work completed by please click on the small calendar and choose the date.
The budget code would be your department's account code along with the object code of 5323 (on campus work order). To submit your account number click on the binoculars and the Budget Lookup Window will appear. Type in your account number in the Quick Search field at the top of this window along with the object code 5323, the number will appear in red, click on the number and it will place your account number in the Budget Code field. If your number does not appear, email Sandi Hatcher at shatcher@coastal.edu or call her at 349-2610 and she will add your account number into the system.
If you have an attachment to send along with your work request please use this step to add the attachment to your work request. Click on the “Attach New File” and Windows File Attachment will open for you to browse your documents for attachment to your request. This step is helpful if you are requesting an event and would like to submit a drawing of how you want your room set up.
Enter your password (given to you when you became a requestor.)
Click Submit.

NOTE: You will receive the following notifications.

You will be notified of receipt of your request.
You will be notified of status changes to your request.
You will be notified if this request is completed.
You will be notified if this request is declined.

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