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Create Mythology
Greek Alphabet
EDUCATION: Grades k-4


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Greek Coins

Content Area:Visual Arts, Global History


Task Description:Students will use the Ashes2Art website to research and focus on the Athenian and Siphnian Treasurys’ purpose and what they contain. Students will specifically be educated on Greek currency and also how it relates to the American coins today. Students will then prepare small sketches of their representation of Greek coins, and then create a 3-D visual from their ideas.

Create Mythology

Content Area:Visual Arts


Task Description:Students will be introduced to Greek mythology through exploration of the Ashes2Art website and other resources that accompany this lesson. Students will then apply their understanding of the information and create a Greek God or Goddess of their own as a 3-D puppet. Students are to write a brief reflection and/or present their creation to the class explaining their puppet in relationship to themselves and Greek mythology.

Greek Alphabet

Content Area:Visual Arts/,Language Arts


Task Description:Students will explore the Greek Alphabet
while creating a small sketchbook that represents themselves. Each student will learn their own name in Ancient Greek and incorporate it into the cover of their sketchbook. They will be informed on the Greek alphabet and its history and how it compares even to the English alphabet.

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