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Mission Statement

The Center for Teaching Excellence to Advance Learning (CeTEAL) seeks to promote a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at Coastal Carolina University by facilitating the integration of proven pedagogical techniques into the instructional process and encouraging the development of a university-wide community of reflective practitioners.

Vision Statement - To be a strength-based collaborative group of faculty developers who provide an inclusive, safe space and a dynamic center to engage, inspire and motivate all faculty to innovate in teaching, research and leadership.
We will accomplish this through:
1.       CeTEAL will provide faculty development sessions and resources to improve student learning outcomes.
2.       Develop and provide sessions to support faculty in scholarship/research.
3.       CeTEAL will provide QM aligned distance learning training, resources, and support for faculty.
4.       Provide training on innovative technologies to improve faculty instruction to improve student learning.
5.       Develop and maintain highly qualified staff who are recognized as leaders and resources in faculty
6.       CeTEAL will effectively market its services and resources to manage growth.