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Individual Topics of Expertise:


Adolescent Literature
Art Education
Assessment, Authentic
Assessment, Authentic Literacy
At-risk Youth, the Impact of Mentoring and Tutoring
Building a Culture of Peace
Childhood Obesity
Children and Families in Poverty, Teaching and Advocating
Class Meetings
Classroom Management
Computer Supported Social Networks and Communication
Cultural Diversity
Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood, Assessment
Early Childhood, Creative Experiences
Early Childhood, Curriculum and Programs
Early Childhood, Integrated Math, Science and Social Studies
Early Childhood, Literacy
Early Childhood, Mathematics
Early Childhood, Science
Early Childhood, Science through Discovery and Inquiry
Educational Psychology
Elementary. Classroom Management
Elementary. Curriculum
Elementary. English Language Arts
Elementary. Mathematics
Elementary. Reading
Elementary. Science
Elementary. Social Studies
Elementary. Special Education
Emergent Literacy
English as a Second Language
English Language Arts, Elementary
Explicit Instruction
Faculty Development
Family Involvement, Early Childhood
Graphic Design
Guidance and Classroom Management
Inclusion of Children with Special Needs
Inquiry (Interdisciplinary) Projects
Inquiry Instruction
Instructional Design
Instructional Technology
Interactive Multimedia
Learning Disabilities
Learning Processes
Literacy Assessment
Literacy, Elementary
Literacy, K-12
Mathematics Education, Middle and Secondary
Mathematics Education, PreK and Elementary
Middle Grades Education
Multicultural Education
Music Education
Online Teaching and Learning
Parents and Families, Working with
Poverty, Children and Families, Teaching/Advocating
Pre-kindergarten Education
Progressive Curriculum
Question Asking
Reading and Writing across the Curriculum, Secondary
Reading Instruction for At-Risk Students
Reading, Comprehension Strategies
Reading, Elementary
Recess and Free Play
Reflective Teaching Methods
Science Education K-12
Science Education, PreK and Elementary
Science Education, Secondary
Science Instruction, Models and Modeling
Science Methods and Curriculum
Secondary Transition and Supported Employment for Youth with Disabilities
Social Studies Education, Elementary
Social Studies Education, Middle Grades
Social Studies Education, Secondary
Social Studies Program Development
Special Education, Administration
Special Education, Advocacy/Sensitivity for Students & Families
Special Education, Areas of Eligibility Under IDEA 2004
Special Education, Eligibility and Assessment
Special Education, Instructional Strategies
Special Education, Learning Disabilities
Special Education, Legislative Mandates
Special Education, Modifications and Accommodations
Special Education, Placement Options
Special Education, Public Policy
Special Education, Secondary
Standards-Based Instruction
Student Achievement
Student Negotiations
Systemic Change
Team Building
Technology in the Classroom
Verbal Communication
Web Design
Writing across the Curriculum, Secondary