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Spadoni College of Education
Jeremy Dickerson
Department(s): Faculty
Degree: Doctor of Education, North Carolina State University
Area of Study: Technology Education, Training and Development, Curriculum and Instructional Methods in Technology
Office: Prince Building, 205 B
Phone: 843-349-2772
Classes: Classes taught (vary by semester):
EDUC 204 Computer Technology and Instructional Media (Undergraduate)
EDIT 604 Teaching with Technology (M.Ed.)
EDIT 610 Instructional Design and Technology Integration (M.Ed.)
EDIT 620 Technology Planning and Management (M.Ed.)
EDIT 690 Capstone Seminar in Instructional Technology (M.Ed.)
EDUC 630 Advanced Study of Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)
EDIT 700 Principles of Instructional Design (Ed.S. in IT)
EDIT 704 Technology in Curricula (Ed.S. in IT)
EDIT 760 Instructional Technology Leadership (Ed.S. in IT)
Office Hours: Face-to-face office hours are typically Wednesday from 8:00-2:00 or as needed, by appointment. Given that all classes are online, Spring 2016 office hours are available online virtually anytime by appointment. Please email to schedule an appointment.

All classes for Dr. Dickerson are online. Please communicate via email or by phone. Office appointments are also available as needed. For appointments or questions, the quickest way to contact Dr. Dickerson is to send an email ( Your email will be returned usually within 1-2 work days. If your email is not returned, it could have been marked as SPAM, so please call and leave a voicemail.
Biography: Dr. Dickerson is a Professor of Instructional Technology. He is currently the Coordinator of Instructional Technology Graduate Programs in the College of Education at Coastal Carolina University in the Myrtle Beach/Conway area of South Carolina.

Dr. Dickerson is Coordinator of the M.Ed. Instructional Technology Concentration; the Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Instructional Technology and the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Training (C.O.T.T.)

His professional experiences include technology management, adult teaching/training and consulting in education, business and industry. He has worked in five different universities as either full-time or adjunct faculty, provided professional training and educational research consulting services in business/industry settings including national workforce training centers, financial organizations, construction industry and large-scale government projects. Dr. Dickerson has also been an educational sub-contracted consultant and advisor in numerous K-12 school projects including analysis of student achievement data as well as teacher/administrator performance inquiry. Since 2006, Dr. Dickerson has been actively involved with national training programs in the electrical industry including training institutes and curriculum re-design/implementation initiatives.

Dr. Dickerson has a doctoral degree in Technology Education with a minor in Training and Development from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. An active scholar, he has produced over 35 professional publications (articles, chapters, textbook, cases, etc. - not including conference proceedings) and over 65 professional presentations at conferences and meetings in the U.S., Canada, South America and Europe.