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Spadoni College of Education
Joseph Winslow
Director, Professor
Department(s): Faculty
Degree: Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Area of Study: Instructional Technology
Vita: Vita
Office: KRNS 216C
Phone: 843-349-2613
Classes: EDUC 204 Computer Technology and Instructional Media (u)
EDUC 531 Computers and Instruction (g)
EDUC 504 Advanced Studies of Computer Applications in the Classroom (g)
EDET 704 Technology and Curricula (g)
EDET 710 Educational Technology Tools (g)
EDET 720 Psychology of Educational Technology (g)
EDET 730 Educational Videography (g)
EDET 740 Design and Development I (g)
EDET 744 Graphic Design for Instruction (g)
EDET 770 Field Experiences in Educational Technology (g)
EDET 780 Seminar in Educational Technology (g)
EDIT 604 Teaching with Technology (g)
EDIT 630 Development of Instructional Multimedia (g)
EDIT 640 Instructional Video Production (g)
EDIT 670 Assessment Technology and Learning Analytics (g)
EDIT 690 Seminar in Instructional Technology (g)
EDIT 740 Design and Development I (g)
EDIT 730 Instructional Videography (g)
EDIT 760 Instructional Technology Leadership (g)
EDIT 770 Field Experiences in Instructional Technology (g)
EDIT 780 Seminar in Instructional Technology (g)
Office Hours: FALL 2015
Normal Hours 8:45 - 5:15pm
Please schedule appointment
to guarantee availability
Biography: Dr. Winslow is a Full Professor of Instructional Technology and also the Director of the Office of Online Learning. His current research interests include user experience (UX) / learning interaction design, multimedia learning object design, and their impacts on learner cognition and performance. He has co-authored a textbook, Applied Technologies for Teachers, as well as numerous Instructional Technology journal articles. Off campus, Dr. Winslow is an avid surfer, windsurfer and fisherman.