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Dodi Hodges, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


Welcome to the Teachers' Instructional Practices Online Database (TIPOD)! This database is under construction and will continue to grow over the next several years. Currently the database includes teacher practices in the content areas of behavior management, writing, math, and reading.

Many of the articles and books available for teachers on evidence-based practices and instructional strategies are a mix of strategies for students to use or they are designed to help teachers instruct students. This database is designed to provide teachers with practices they can use in the classroom. It is not designed to provide a resource for teachers/instructors to use to teach students strategies for students to use (see ISOD below) or to provide lesson plans.

Each strategy includes the name of the teacher practice, related content area, applicable grade level, the related South Carolina Department of Education Content Standard, the article source, materials and procedures needed for the teachers to use the practice in their classroom along with possible adaptations for students with disabilities that cannot access the instruction in its current form.

The database is a result of a class project for teacher candidates who were studying to become Special Education teachers in the area of Learning Disabilities. The teacher candidates complete the research for the teacher practices throughout their professional program at Coastal Carolina University. The project is a multiple level problem-based project in which the teacher candidates learn how to find resources and implement the practice in the classroom.
For instructional strategies for students to learn to use, which are also available in the peer-reviewed journals (see The Instructional Strategies Online Database (ISOD) was constructed through a course taught at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.

For more information please contact:
Dodi Hodges, Ph.D.
Gayle Disney, Ed.D.
Judy Engelhard, Ed.D.

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