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The Four C's of Successful Classroom Management

Strategy #: 16

Content Area: Beh./Classroom Mgt.

Grade Level: 6-9

South Carolina Standard


Reese, J. (2007). The four C's of successful classroom management: The
          music educator’s job is easier if the classroom offers a positive
          and challenging environment. Music Educator’s Journal, 94 (1).
          Retrieved March 11, 2008, from ERIC database.

Material Needs
Poster with 4 C's in bold letters, with a description of each "C."

1. Hang a poster in the front of the classroom. This will remind you and your students of the way the classroom is run and organized. Demonstrate the 4 C's daily in your classroom.
2. The first "C" is commendation. Commend and praise your students for a job well done in the classroom or when they are correctly following procedures. Praising your students is a powerful way to develop relationships and respect in the classroom. If a student is being acknowledged individually, incorporate the student's name for a more powerful response. Saying, "Emily is doing a great job sitting quietly in her seat, writing in her journal," will encourage other students to follow the procedures.
3. The second "C" is communications. Communicate your expectations of the students in a way that gives them a choice. Rather than saying, "Raise your hand before interrupting the class" you could say, "I can see that you're excited to share. We will listen when you are ready to raise your hand to be called on." Communication is a strong tool that needs to be used with parents when an individual's behavior escalates. This also shows other students that you will not hesitate to call their parents if necessary.
4. The third "C" is consistency. Keep the same daily routines in the classroom. Procedures also need to be consistent daily. The expectations for both the teacher and students will become understood under this structured framework.
5. The fourth "C" is content. The general idea is to always keep the students busy with work that pertains to the classroom. If the students are busy this will allow for little down time, which will decrease inappropriate behavior.

For students who are visually impaired, place a smaller version of the poster in the corner of the desk, either in big bold letters or in Braille.

Provides a basic outline to illustrate major aspects of successful classroom management.

Research adapted by
Heather L. MacRae

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