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Visual Schedule

Strategy #: 17

Content Area: Beh./Classroom Mgt.

Grade Level: 4-6

South Carolina Standard

Jaime, K., & Knowlton, E. (2007). Visual supports for students with behavior and
     cognitive challenges. Intervention in School and Clinic, 42 (5). 259-270.

Material Needs
1.Laminated pictures (clip art) representing objects or daily activities

1.Create a wall schedule out of poster board. Allow enough room for times and pictures. Use Velcro to attach the picture of the activity to the corresponding time slot. Post it in a central location.
2.Once an activity is finished, teacher places picture on "finished box" which is attached to the bottom of the schedule.
3.Give choices in the schedule, snack, partners, or free time activities to empower students and give them some control.
4.Add times or pictures of a clock to help them learn the times the activities occur.
5.When a student asks what is next, refer them to the visual schedule to build independence and self-direction.

For a student with a visual impairment, adapt this strategy by giving them a personal version of the daily schedule on their desk. The print should be large enough for them to read easily, or use Braille depending on their vision.

This strategy will help build independence and self-direction while increasing comprehension and communication, and reduce inappropriate behaviors due to frustration.

Research adapted by
Caleb Moses Coblentz

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