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Dodi Hodges, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Checklist for a Positive Classroom

Strategy #: 21

Content Area: Beh./Classroom Mgt.

Grade Level: 6-9

South Carolina Standard

Pedota, P. (2007). Strategies of effective classroom management in the secondary   
     setting.  The Clearing House, 80 (4), 163-166. Retrieved March 11, 2008, from
     Academic Search Premier database.

Material Needs
1. Checklist (attached)

1. Download the form provided.
2. Use the checklist to create a positive
environment. The checklist includes:
a. Seating arrangements
b. Physical surroundings
c. Housekeeping
d. Displays
e. Instruction
3. Identify if your classroom needs changing.

For a student with OHI-ADHD, adapt this strategy by placing the student in the front of the classroom where the primary instruction will occur to provide for the least amount of distractions.

To maximize instruction in a positive learning environment.

Research adapted by
Christine Redmond

Attachment a Positive Environment.pdf

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