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Dodi Hodges, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Check In, Check Out

Strategy #: 22

Content Area: Beh./Classroom Mgt.

Grade Level: 4-6

South Carolina Standard

McCurdy, B. L., Kunsch, C., & Reibstein, S. (2007). Secondary prevention in the      
     urban school: Implementing the behavior education program. Preventing School 
     Failure. 51
(3). 12-17. Retrieved April 8, 2008, from ERIC database.

Material Needs
1. daily report card
2. list of five goals
3. pen or pencil
4. copy book
5. homework

1. The student checks in with an adult when they first get to school to receive their "report card."
2.During check in the adult makes sure student has all ma terials for the day (pencil or pen, copy book, homework).
3. At the end of each class period, or during transition, student receives feedback from instructor(s) in the form of a numeric rating (0= did not meet expectations, 1- met some expectations, 2=met all expectations). Smiley faces are used for younger students.
4. At the end of the day, student checks out with the same adult they check in with.
5. Together they total points earned.
6. Small reward may be given if student receives 80% of the total possible points.
7. Daily point earnings are graphed for each student. (See Figure A)
8. Check in, Check out card may be adjusted for those students who do not make adequate progress.
9. With gradually fading feedback, the student will transition off the Check in, Check out procedure.

For a student who has a learning disability in reading, an adult could read and explicitly explain the information.

This strategy will help students with behavior difficulties self monitor and remain in general education as much as possible.

Research adapted by
Rebecca M. Filler

Attachment in, Check out.pdf

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