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Dodi Hodges, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

PPIB (Priming to Prevent Inappropriate Behaviors)

Strategy #: 24

Content Area: Beh./Classroom Mgt.

Grade Level: K-3

South Carolina Standard

Marks, S.U., Hudson, J., Schrader, C., Longaker, T., & Levine, M. (2006). Reconsidering 
     behavior management for students with autism spectrum disorders.  Beyond Behavior, 
(2), 7-12.  Retrieved April 4, 2008, from Education Research Complete database.

Material Needs
1. List of inappropriate behaviors
2. Social skills videos or stories

1. Using informal observations, define the inappropriate
behavior student usually displays in particular settings.
2. When an event is coming up where the student has trouble
displaying appropriate behavior, select a social skill
video or story that illustrates the appropriate behavior.
3. Watch the video or read the story with the student to
help prepare them for the event and minimize the
possibility for inappropriate behavior.

For a student with a specific learning disability, use direct instruction to teach the appropriate behavior.

This strategy will help students be better prepared to behave appropriately in specific environments or settings.

Research adapted by
Jennifer N. Smith

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