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UNIVERSITY 110: First-Year Experience Overview


In this course, the student will interact with peers, faculty and staff, and other members of the Coastal community. The student will take an active role in his/her education by participating in forums, workshops, discussions, readings, case studies, and a community service project. The student will complete a series of assignments keyed to the above. These assignments might be in the form of presentations, portfolios, writing projects, reading quizzes, tests, journal entries, and other forms of assessment that the instructor deems appropriate.


The First-Year Experience is designed as a learning environment which enables first-year students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, information literacy, and the personal and social skills needed to facilitate a successful transition from high school to university.
This purpose will be attained by:

  • Developing creative and critical thinking strategies which will increase the ability to implement solutions to the complex and diverse issues of a global society
  • Fostering a commitment among students, faculty and administration to a collaborative academic community dedicated to inquiry and productive student learning
  • Identifying the resources available and the habits and skills necessary for the student to make a successful transition from a high school to a university academic and social and work environment


UNIV 110 is designed to help each student:

  • Attain a basic level of experience in critical inquiry which broadens experience and increases understanding
  • Become a co-operative, yet independent, learner with a competency in information delivery systems and technology
  • Understand his/her role as a contributing member and an agent for change of the university community
  • Develop a comprehensive academic and career development plan leading to matriculation and career path

The above purposes and outcomes conform to Coastal Carolina University's first four Core Curriculum Goals and Learning Outcomes (Abilities).

The Big Read


The mission of the BIG READ program is to unite incoming CCU freshmen in an enjoyable shared learning experience prior to beginning their academic course work. 


The program’s purpose is to create a singular introductory learning forum among our students, across various disciplines, and to facilitate creative and critical thinking from the moment they step foot on campus.


The goals of this program are to engage students in a singular academic task, encourage the critical thought process, explore themes and ideas relevant to student life, and challenge students to develop and explore multiple perspectives.


The charge of the BIG READ committee is to evaluate and select materials each academic year that fulfill the goals of the summer reading program.  Members of the committee participate on a volunteer basis and include faculty, staff and students.  The committee reviews all materials solicited across campus and makes it’s selections based on a set list of criteria.