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Supplemental Long Term Disability

The Supplemental Long Term Disability (SLTD) plan, administered by Standard Insurance Company, is an employee-funded disability plan. It is designed to provide a financial cushion if you become disabled. You can apply for this plan if you are a benefits eligible employee. Your benefit will be based on a percentage of your pre-disability earnings from Coastal as of the preceding January 1. The SLTD plan has an option of either a 90-day benefit waiting period or a 180-day benefit-waiting period. No benefits are paid during this period. You can enroll in the SLTD program within 31 days of eligibility without providing medical evidence of good health. If, however, you do not enroll within 31 days after you first become eligible, you will have to provide medical evidence of good health and be approved to become insured by Standard Insurance Company. You may enroll with medical evidence of good health any time throughout the year.

Your SLTD benefits will be reduced if you receive or are eligible to receive income from other sources. Deductible income includes: sick pay or other salary continuation, primary and dependent Social Security benefits, Workers’ Compensation, BLTD benefits, other group disability benefits, and maximum plan retirement benefits. The South Carolina Retirement Systems requires application for disability benefits while still in service or prior to termination of employment.

If you die while SLTD benefits are payable, the Standard will pay a lump sum survivor’s benefit to your eligible survivor. This benefit will be equal to three months of your SLTD benefit, unreduced by deductible income.