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Dependent Life

If you are currently enrolled in Optional Life, you may elect to cover your spouse in increments of $10,000 for up to 50 percent of your Optional Life coverage or $100,000, whichever is less. Medical evidence of good health is required for coverage amounts greater than $20,000. If you do not elect to enroll in Optional Life, you may cover your spouse for $10,000 or $20,000. Premiums are based on the employee’s age and are entirely paid by the employee. If your spouse is also a state employee, you cannot cover him as a dependent.

You can cover your eligible dependent children over age 14 days but less than age 19, or age 25, if enrolled as a full-time student for $15,000. The monthly premium for Dependent Life child coverage is $1.10 regardless of the number of children covered. Premiums are paid by the employee. When both parents are state employees, only one can carry dependent coverage for eligible dependent children.

If your dependent’s coverage terminates, he may convert his coverage to a personal life insurance policy. The dependent must apply to Minnesota Life in writing within 31 days of the date his insurance under this plan is terminated and pay the required premiums for personal life insurance for his age and class of risk.