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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of positions I can apply for at any given time?
No. You are welcome to apply for as many positions as you would like.


If I have already taken a required typing or skills test for a position, do I need to re-test each time I apply for a similar position?
Typing tests or other skills tests scores are active for a period of six months, unless otherwise specified.


If I apply for a position, will I automatically receive an interview?
Due to the volume of applications we receive for each search, not all applicants are interviewed. Interview selection is based on the position requirements, experience, and preferred qualifications, specialization of skills, and other factors.


How will I be notified if I am selected for an interview?
Selected candidates are contacted by telephone or e-mail to arrange an interview.


If I am not selected for an interview, will I be notified that the position has been filled?
It is the University's practice to communicate with candidates when a search has ended. Letters are usually mailed to all candidates who apply for a particular position. Applicants may also obtain search status by logging onto our Web site and going to the screen labeled "My Applications."


Does Coastal conduct background checks?
As part of the applicant review process, Coastal conducts employment, education, and criminal background checks. Other forms of verification may be conducted as deemed appropriate by the University.


What if I lose my online account password?
You may contact the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity at 843-349-2036 for assistance or use the "I forgot my password" utton online to have the password e-mailed to you.