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Google Docs FAQ

Where do I login?

Why are some features available in the MS Office suite not available through Google Docs?
Google Docs is a lightweight editing suite that allows you to share and collaborate with others. It is not intended to replace all the features and functions of the Microsoft Office Suite.

How much space do I have to store documents and files?
You have 1 Gb of non-Google Docs formatted files (files types like .pdf, .doc, .jpeg) in Google Docs. Google Docs formatted files do not use up your storage space. To read more about file types see Google's File Size Page.

Which file types can I upload to Google Docs?
Read Google's File Size Page for information on which file types you may upload.

I have a very specifically formatted document or a document that contains lots of features not available in Google Docs. Can I still use Google Docs to share these files?
If you wish to preserve your document's original formatting or if Google Docs cannot convert the file (ex. .zip files), you may still upload and share your file through Google Docs. However you may not edit your file unless you convert it to a Google Doc. Read Google's File Uploading Instructions to get started.

Can I use my Google Docs offline?
No, CCU Apps is not configured to access Google Docs offline at this time.

How do I get help?
Contact SCS or feel free to check out the Google Apps Learning Center
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