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What is CCUApps?
CCUApps is Coastal Carolina University's implementation of the Google Apps Education Edition suite of collaborative tools that include Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Will faculty and staff be effected?
No, the new system is for students and will NOT effect the email system for faculty and staff or the way faculty, staff, and departments deliver email to students.

Will Blackboard email be effected?
No, the new system will NOT effect the email system for Blackboard.

Will my email address change?
Although the physical e-mail address for students will change from to, emails sent to will continue to be delivered. For example, a message sent to student or to will be delivered successfully. This measure will ensure noninterrupted emails sent by professors, staff, or departments. Students should give out their email address as

Will user name and password change?
No. Students will continue to use the normally issued usernames and passwords to access the new system.

How will the students access the system?
Student will log into or with their CCU username and password. The new email system has email messages being sent to Gmail, and students should use Gmail to both send and receive email.

Can I keep my CCUApps account forever, just like a publicly available Google account?
Only alumni will be able to keep their CCUApps account after graduation.

How much data storage space will I get with my CCUApps Account?
You may store up to 7 Gb of mail in Gmail. If you exceed your quota, senders will receive a bounce message indicating that you have too much email saved in Gmail. Google Docs allows you to keep specific amounts of certain file types. Read the Google Docs File Size Limits Page for details. There is no file limit on Google Calendars.

What about privacy?
If you have concerns about storing your data with Google, you may find it helpful to read Google's Privacy Policies: and

Which browsers work best with CCUApps?
Google recommends that you use the most recent version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari when using Google Apps.

How do I access CCUApps on my phone?
For now, to access your new email account on your mobile phone, open your phone's web browser and go to

ITS is currently working with Google to enable mobile sync.

How do I get help with CCUApps?
For more information about CCUApps, students can go to In addition, ITS - Student Computing Services will be providing a series of workshops on CCUApps throughout the semester.

If you require support please submit a Help Request Form or call the Tech Support Center at 843-349-2220.
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