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What is my e-mail password?

New Employees: Accounts are generated automatically after a hired employee's records are activated by the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (HREO).

Employees (and Students) can access the Password Search page to retrieve account information..

How do I access my e-mail?
Your e-mail address will be in the format of username@coastal.edu. You can use your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere in the world. Open a web browser (eg: Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome) and type in (for Faculty/Staff) http://outlook.coastal.edu, or (for Students) http://mail.coastal.edu. Enter your username and password to access your mail. The mail web interface is easy to use and contains many conveniences such as folder creation, address lists and spell check.

Do I have to use the "web interface" to access my e-mail?
You do NOT have to use Coastal's e-mail web interface to access your mail. You may set up popular e-mail clients such as Outlook to access mail. An IRC will be able to provide technical support on configuring an e-mail client.

Is there a limit to the amount of e-mail I can store?
All faculty and staff have an e-mail storage quota of 750mb. Should an employee reach this quota, an e-mail will be sent notifying the employee that the excess e-mail must be moved or deleted. There is a fourteen day period for cleaning mailboxes once the quota has been reached. After the grace period, the account will be locked and the employee will not be able to send e-mail. If locked out of their mailbox, the employee should put in a ticket with the ITS Help Desk.

To make sure your account does not experience a quota lockout, you should regularly clean out your Mailbox. Please delete any unnecessary messages from both your Inbox and their Sent Items folders. E-mails with attachments take up a lot of storage space. Attachments should be saved to your local machine.

Is there a limit to the size of attached files that I can send and receive?
Yes. Using Outlook you can send files totaling 10MB. Due to the resources available in our mail system these limits must be imposed. You can use the Public folder in your Users drive to share larger files with other users. Follow these instructions:

Copy the file you wish to share into the Public folder of your User (U:) drive.  Any file located in this folder can be accessed from the example URL below from on or off campus.  We hope that this feature will be useful to certain faculty and staff as an alternative in certain cases such as sharing files that are too large for email.  The directory cannot be browsed, so a full link to a file would need to be supplied.

 General url pattern: http://files.coastal.edu/<username>/<filename