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Department of Marine Science
Coastal Carolina University
PO Box 261954
Conway, SC 29523

Coastal Science Center
in the Atlantic Center
301 Allied Drive,
Conway, SC 29526
(refer to the Campus Map).

Contact Susan Soucy at soucy@coastal.edu
or call

843-349-2219 (phone)
843-349-2545 (fax)


Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Marine Science program at Coastal Carolina University. Marine Science is a flagship program on this campus, and we are proud of our graduates and their achievements. In addition to studies in general Marine Science, the program offers five areas of emphasis: marine biology, coastal geology, marine/environmental chemistry, atmosphere/ocean dynamics and marine analytical technology. All Marine Science majors take a general core of courses in marine science, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.

The Marine Science department embraces the teacher-scholar model and students are encouraged to get involved with research or internship experiences. Marine Science faculty are undertaking scientific research on topics such as salt marsh ecosystem dynamics, coastal beach erosion, ocean-atmosphere interactions, watershed and coastal water quality and pollution, and the ecology of fishes, sharks, sea turtles and marine mammals. Ongoing faculty research benefits students by offering them hands-on opportunities and up-to-date training.


This page provides links to:

  1. The student handbook (covering program requirements, typical course sequences, student services, and faculty and their research interests)

  2. Descriptions of marine science courses

  3. Information on marine science careers

  4. Important University sites associated with the admissions process (including admissions and financial aid);

  5. Marine related Centers.

If you need additional information, please contact us.