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Department of Marine Science
Coastal Carolina University
PO Box 261954
Conway, SC 29523

Coastal Science Center
in the Atlantic Center
301 Allied Drive,
Conway, SC 29526
(refer to the Campus Map).

Contact Susan Soucy at soucy@coastal.edu
or call

843-349-2219 (phone)
843-349-2545 (fax)


Marine Chemistry Research

  • Biogeochemical cycling and speciation of metals (Dr. Lewis)
  • Environmental chemistry (Dr. Guentzel, Dr. Libes)
  • Seasonal hypoxia (Dr. Lewis, Dr. Libes)
  • Mercury and trace element biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology (Dr. Guentzel)
  • Marine and freshwater pollution and best management practices for watersheds (Dr. Libes)




  • Dr. Jane L. Guentzel (Professor) is a marine and environmental chemist whose research focuses on: 1) the biogeochemistry of mercury and other trace elements in aquatic systems, 2) the influence of atmospheric deposition and transport on the cycling of mercury and trace elements in these systems, 3) the influence of chemical speciation on the behavior of mercury and other trace metals in aquatic and atmospheric environments, 4) methods development for the analysis of mercury and other trace elements using ultra-clean techniques.


  • Dr. Brent Lewis (Associate Professor) is a marine and environmental chemist. His research focuses on the biogeochemical cycling and chemical speciation of metals in marine and freshwater environments. Current research projects include a study of seasonal changes in redox conditions and metal fractionation in freshwater wetlands and the application of voltammetric microelectrodes for studies in local saltmarsh sediments. He is also collaborating with researchers at the University of Delaware to study seasonal hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay.


  • Dr. Susan Libes (Professor), a marine and environmental chemist, conducts research on aquatic and marine pollution. She also is the Program Director of the Environmental Quality Lab, which is certified by the state of South Carolina to perform water quality measurements. This laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Libes, is used to train students for careers in environmental chemistry and marine analytical technology. Dr. Libes also is the author of a textbook in marine chemistry that is used in graduate and undergraduate programs worldwide.