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Features in Moodle


Moodle 2.9 New Features: http://docs.moodle.org/29/en/Features

Is it secure?

Yes, we are using Transport Layer Security (denoted by the "https" in the address). When you are logging into or using Moodle, you should see the secure connection icon in your browser (usually represented as a closed padlock in the status bar).

What about foreign language support?

Moodle permits course-level choice of the language used for the interface. The languages supported include those with non-Western characters.

Does Moodle support symbolic notation?


Moodle's text editor supports MimeTex.  LaTex markup written in a text editor window is displayed as gifs in the resulting html pages.


Compare Moodle and Blackboard

How different is Moodle from Blackboard?

Moodle is not a Blackboard clone—it supports the same course-related activities as Blackboard, but some features are named and organized differently than in Blackboard. From the instructor's perspective, there are significant differences in the way you set up a course in Moodle. In fact, however, many instructors find Moodle easier to use because the settings are associated with each tool or activity, rather than being centralized under one location such as the Control Panel in Blackboard.

Independent studies of user satisfaction indicate that a majority of Blackboard users prefer Moodle after making the switch. Our intent is to support all functionality our faculty currently use in Blackboard, but we also believe that in some regards Moodle represents an improvement over Blackboard, not just a replacement.


Does Moodle have the same features as Blackboard?

Moodle's features are equivalent to Blackboard's, but often they have different names and they are not organized in the same fashion as Blackboard's. 



  • Posting various file types (PPT,  Word, Excel, audio/video)
  • Links to other web sites
  • Course copy
  • Group work
  • Discussion boards
  • Synchronous chats
  • Quiz/exam tools
  • Survey tools
  • Gradebook and feedback
  • Instructor-level customization
  • Course calendar
  • Course templates
  • Glossary
  • Restricted access to courses
  • Automated student enrollment






System Design

Instructor-centered design

Flexible design; social constructionist philosophy

Discussion Board

View posts one at a time

View posts by threads; student photos attached

Design View

Instructor view differs from student view

Shift from instructor to student view at any time


Request customization from Bb programmers; changes prioritized by Bb

Dynamic open source code; customization onsite; wealth of user community expertise










Is Moodle's online help better than Blackboard's?

We feel that Moodle's help is a considerable improvement over Blackboard's. There is context specific help for full pages as well as for individual items associated with particular actions, form fields, and choices.  Most Moodle documentation is written by the Moodle Community, meaning we can submit alternative, updated, or edited documentation where we feel it's needed. If the rest of the community likes it, then it can become the default.


Why are so many schools switching to Moodle?


While we cannot speak for all the other schools, we imagine their motivation is similar to ours—Moodle is more cost-effective than Blackboard and we have more control over it.  A plethora of independent research on student and faculty satisfaction with course management systems show that users like Moodle as well as or better than Blackboard.