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Announcement (Dec 4, 2012)

Subject: Moodle

The University is in early stages of pilot-testing Moodle as a course management system that may eventually complement or replace the current management system.  A pilot test is exactly that: A test, not a foregone conclusion. If the pilot test results are favorable, the campus will move to the next step, with input from the faculty and students involved in the test as well as any other individuals who may wish to comment.

As the costs of some vendor-based enterprise solution(s) continue to rise and integrated features turn into additional charges, maintaining current solution(s) becomes costly and challenging to sustain.   Early in 2012, ITS was directed by the administration (Provost in consultation with President and COO) to create an environment that was capable of hosting an open source (freely distributed and community driven) course management solution that is reliable, robust, and provides similar features to the current course management system; importantly, it must operate efficiently within the existing IT environment and infrastructure.  Exploring other universities that followed similar trends, we identified Moodle as the most promising solution with the mentioned characteristics. 

In the summer of 2012, ITS successfully created an environment for Moodle that provided the most common course management features found in Blackboard.  In the fall of 2012, eight (8) faculty members tested Moodle in one of their courses.  In the spring of 2013, up to (fifty) 50 faculty members will be testing the solution in at least one of their courses.  The Moodle environment will continue to be enhanced and customized by a qualified in-house developer(s), giving the opportunity to additional faculty members and students to test and navigate the system. Also, CeTEAL is providing training sessions and necessary instructions on using Moodle. 

Faculty and student feedback will be collected to improve and enhance the features of Moodle.   Additionally, news and updates regarding the progress of Moodle solution will be communicated as necessary.   An official and general website to communicate news, progress, links, and updates is in the process of being designed and will launch in January of 2013.   The earliest that the campus may move to Moodle is Fall 2014 – and there are many decision points along the way before that decision is announced. In the meantime, we will support both Blackboard and the Moodle solution.

Moodle Mobile App, (July 11, 2012)

Moodle is dropping support for its official mobile application "My Moodle". The current version of My Moodle can be found in the Apple App Store. The new version for the mobile application is called "Moodle Mobile" and should be soon available. Moodle Mobile will be available for Android, Blackberry, and iOS