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Current Crime Log (Last 30 days: May 30, 2017 - June 29, 2017)

6/27/2017Traffic stop - PWID marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, trespass notice given
6/23/2017Medical call - possession of paraphernalia, false information to police
6/22/2017Damage to University property
6/22/2017Assist another agency
6/21/2017Underage possession of alcohol
6/21/2017Traffic stop - disregarding a traffic signal, DUS, warrant service
6/21/2017Traffic stop - possession of marijuana
6/20/2017Suspicious person
6/17/2017Traffic stop - no turn signal, DUS, open container
6/17/2017Single vehicle collision
6/17/2017Traffic stop - speeding, no valid DL, possession of marijuana
6/16/2017Traffic stop - no turn signal, DUS
6/14/2017Breach of peace, trespasss notice given
6/13/2017Traffic stop - possession of paraphernalia, improper display of vehicle license
6/13/2017Assist another agency
6/13/2017Malicious damage
6/11/2017Traffic stop - speeding, open container, no valid driver's license
6/10/2017Assist another agency
6/9/2017Assista another agency
6/8/2017Traffic stop - suspended tag, no insurance
6/7/2017Traffic stop - PWID marijuana, possession of paraphernalia
6/7/2017Assist another agency
6/4/2017Assist another agency
6/4/2017Traffic stop - resisting arrest, fugitive, false information to police
6/3/2017Traffic stop - possession of paraphernalia, DUS
6/2/2017Abandoned vehicle
6/1/2017Assist another agency
5/30/2017Traffic stop - possession of paraphernalia

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