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Date: 9/14/2012
Time: 0038
Officer: Todd
Type: Public drunk, disorderly conduct, possession of a false ID
Location: Might as Well bar and grille
Description: While on patrol CCU DPS officers observed a subject in the ally between Might as Well and Huddle House. The officers approached and interviewed the subject. The subject was arrested for Public disorderly conduct and during a search was discovered to be in possession of a false ID. The subject was issued two citations. While the officers were involved with this subject a second subject approached and did not respond to the officers attempts to stop them. The subject became aggressive towards the officers. The officers controlled the second subject and took them into custody. The second subject had minor injuries after the arrest and was first transported to the Conway Medical Center and then to the Horry County Detention Center. The first subject was transported directly to the Horry County Detention Center.