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Space Utilization Reporting

Space is an asset owned by the University at large, not to a particular college, school, department or activity and is subject to reassignment at the direction of the President or his designee. Space will always be limited, and the University will plan and manage the utilization and allocation of space in a manner that advances equity, adequacy and productivity. The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Analysis maintains accurate records of space utilization and allocation for state facilities inventory reporting and internal management. The implementation of Resource25 software in 2007 significantly increased the ability to manage space. X25, a Resource25 component, is the reporting and data analysis mechanism of the software, while S25 is used for academic scheduling. As Coastal Carolina University continues to rapidly grow in enrollment and facilities development, the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Analysis, through the use of these resources, will strive to improve and maintain efficient and effective space management strategies.

Spring 2016 Space Utilization Report 
Fall 2015 Space Utilization Report 
Fall 2014 Space Utilization Report 
Fall 2013 Space Utilization Report
Fall 2012 Space Utilization Report
Fall 2011 Space Utilization Report