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University-Wide Assessment Committee
Administrative Units 2013-2014


Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation (1)
Executive Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (1)
Director of Institutional Analysis (1)
Representative from Admissions (1)
Representative from Facilities (1)
Representative from Financial Aid (1)
Representative from Financial Services (1)
Representative from Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (1)
Representative from Information Technology Services (1)
Representative from Kimbel Library (1)
Representative from  Public Safety (1)
Representative from Registrar (1)
Representative from University Communication (1)
Representative from Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (1)‌


  • Provide leadership in the review, evaluation, and use of data for continuous improvement and accountability.
  • Disseminate results of assessment of administrative unit operations in order to inform the budget process.
  • Monitor assessment of administrative unit operations in meeting goals and objectives for the following units: Admissions, Facilities, Financial Aid, Financial Services, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Information Technology Services, Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis, Public Safety, Registrar, and University Communication.
  • Use the assessment results to verify administrative unit operations and to identify patterns of weakness in order to improve services.
  • Provide an annual report to the University-Wide Assessment Committee documenting changes, strengths, and weaknesses of the administrative units.
  • Determine how outputs in the form of products, services, and information will be received and measured by students and other customers.

Meeting Minutes: