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University-Wide Assessment Committee
Student Development 2011-2012


Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation (1)
Associate Provost for Graduate and Academic Outreach (1)
Executive Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (1)
Dean of University College (1)
Director of Core Curriculum Committee (1)
Associate Deans, one from each college (5)
Assessment Coordinators, one from each college (5)
Representative from Kimbel Library (1)
Assessment Coordinator from Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (1)


  • Provide leadership in the review, evaluation and use of data for continuous improvement and accountability for student learning, the major, and department assessment plans.
  • Ensure consensus about what the institution expects students to represent or demonstrate along the continuum of their learning.
  • Disseminate results of student learning in academic areas in order to use assessment to inform the budget process.
  • Monitor assessment of student learning outcomes in the academic colleges, Kimbel Library, core curriculum, honors program, and international program.
  • Determine how to integrate data collected among individual academic colleges, the core curriculum, CETL and TEAL Centers, Honors Program, International Student Programs, University Academic Center, and the Kimbel library.
  • Use the assessment results to verify student achievement and to identify patterns of weakness in order to improve teaching and learning.
  • Provide an annual report to the University-Wide Assessment Committee documenting changes, strengths, and weaknesses of student learning outcomes.
  • Use assessment results from the CETL Center to improve teaching and learning.

Meeting Minutes:

UWAC SD Year End 2011-2012