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Faculty FAQs

What are the benefits to transitioning to an online course evaluation system?
The benefits of transitioning to an online system include:

  • Students have more time to complete thoughtful responses and provide meaningful comments. 
  • Faculty no longer have to take class time to give students an opportunity to complete their evaluations. 
  • Faculty receive summary reports, including student comments, much more quickly. Reports can be distributed shortly after grades are submitted.
  • The University will save more than 84,000 pieces of paper each year.
  • The University will save hours of staff time in preparing and processing course evaluations.

How do students access their course evaluations?
Each student enrolled in one or more evaluated course will receive an invitation to complete course evaluations in their official Coastal email, as well as several reminders for those who’ve not yet completed them. The evaluations can be opened on any internet-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

How do I increase my response rates?
There are numerous ways to increase your response rates:

  • Encourage your students to complete the evaluations. Students need to know that you value their input and that completing the evaluations is worth their time. And remind them frequently – repetition is sometimes the key! 
  • Let students know they can access their evaluations simply by checking their g.coastal.edu email addresses. Email invitations with a link to each student’s courses will be sent on the day course evaluations open, and several reminders will be sent over the open period. 
  • For face-to-face courses, have someone other than the faculty member proctor the evaluation in class by having students bring their laptops or mobile devices to class.

What courses are evaluated?
A minimum of six students must be enrolled for a course to be evaluated. Specific courses (generally internships & independent study) may be excluded per the college Dean.

When will online evaluations be available for students to complete?
Online evaluations for regular semesters are available during the 14 class-day period prior to the beginning of final exams. Short and summer semesters are available for the 7 class-day period prior to the end date listed in Datatel. Courses with odd end dates are available for the 14 class-day period prior to the end date listed in Datatel.

How is anonymity maintained?
Coastal is very concerned about the confidentiality of its evaluations. The course evaluation system does not tie results (quantitative or qualitative) in any way to the student's identifying data. Only a collective response from all students who took course evaluations is available, and only after grades have been finalized.

Are students required to complete an evaluation to get a grade?
No, students are not required to submit an evaluation.

Can students save responses without submitting, then return to complete the form?
Yes. When ready to return to the evaluations, they will need use the link in their email.

What happens if instructors swap sections?
Course evaluations are generated from Coastal’s Datatel course datatabase. When instructors swap sections, these changes need to be reflected in the official course listing.

How are team-taught courses handled?
Each instructor is evaluated separately. When a student opens their evaluations, they will see the questions duplicated for each instructor. Each instructor will receive only the responses to questions concerning him or her.

Does the analysis include incomplete evaluations?
If a student leaves a question blank, his or her response is excluded for that question only.

Can departments ask additional questions on the evaluations?
Not at this time. Once we have assessed the effects of moving the evaluations online, we will explore this possibility.

How will I get my evaluation results?
As with the previous paper evaluations, results will be sent to college deans as soon as they are available. We anticipate that turnaround time will be much faster than with the previous method.

Who will have access to the results of my course evaluations?
As with the previous paper evaluations, results will be available to you, your department head, and the college Dean.