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2016 - 2018 Jackson Scholars Inducted

Jackson Scholars 2016-2018

On December 3,2015, the Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values inducted 8 new

students into the Jackson Scholar Program. This diverse group represents many of the colleges on campus. To learn more about the 2016 - 2018 class of Jackson Scholars visit the Jackson Scholar page.


Meet Our New Ethics Fellow

 David Holiday

The Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values is proud to introduce David Holiday as

the Ethics Fellow for the 2015-16 school year. David's work in Philosophy is primarily

focused on moral theory, moral psychology and the history of ethics (esp 20th Century).

For more information about David, or to contact him please visit his biography page


Upcoming Events



Torture: Current Issues

Torture is a paradigmatic violation of human dignity and
autonomy, and thus is abhorrent to modern democratic
society. It is also strictly prohibited in international law.
Nonetheless, the practice has proved extremely difficult to
stamp out. Holiday will discuss, among other things, what
torture is, as a moral and political phenomenon; where,
why and how it happens; the prohibitions on torture in
human rights law and the laws of war; and some pressing
current issues in the fight to finally and fully eradicate
torture from the world.

17 March

Perspective on Social Justice: The Moral Challenge of Inequality

Ben Laurence, Ph. D. - 2016 Visiting Ethicist

When is economic inequality just? Economic inequality is
just only if it can be justified to those who have less. This
is only possible when economic inequality is situated
against the background of two other substantial kinds of
equality. The first is fair equality of opportunity: Everyone
with similar talents and motivation must have an equal
shot at securing the more favorable economic positions.
The second is democratic equality: The inequality must not
be the product of, or itself impair, the equal opportunity of
citizens to affect political outcomes. In this talk, Professor
Laurence will present the basic rationale for these
requirements, and consider some research indicating that
our society falls short of satisfying them. Reception to
follow in the anteroom.

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About the Center

The primary focus of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics & and Values is to cultivate awareness throughout the academic and surrounding communities of

the importance and lifelong rewards of personal and professional integrity. In order to achieve its goals, the Jackson Center sponsorsfour cornerstones: the

Jackson Scholars, the Ethics & Leadership Academy, the Jackson Center Events Program, and the Visiting Ethicist series. The Center is guided by a director,

an assistant director, an ethics fellow, and a board of directors in order to recognize and celebrate the rich history and example of Mary Emily and Nelson

Jackson and their family.