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Past Java Jabber Events

  • Past Java Jabber Events

Past Java Java Jabber Events

Below is a list of all past Java Jabber events. We are currently working to have each event title link to the original flyer for the event.  Please check back for more updates!


8/29/2012            Current Events

10/26/2012          Stand Up Comedy

1/23/2013            Confederate Flag

4/10/2013            Gun Control


9/26/2011            Celebrating the Freedom to Read; Ethics of Banning Books

3/21/2012            Food Ethics


10/13/2010          Gulf Oil Disaster

3/29/2011            Flipping off the Buddha on 501


10/08/2009          American Inequality

3/25/2010            Ethics of Intercollegiate Athletics


04/02/2009          2009 Economic Stimulus