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Philosopher's Corner - Fall 2015

Test of Character: How Good (Or Bad) are We?

Christian Miller, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Wake Forest University 

Johnson Auditorium, Wall Building, Room 116

5:00 p.m.

Christian Miller, associate professor of philosophy at Wake Forest University and author of Character and Moral Psychology as well

as Moral Character: An Empirical Theory, will reflect on empirical methods that allow us to assess character. He will address questions

such as these: Are we as honest as we would like to think? Do some people have the virtues of compassion and courage? Would it be

more correct to say that some people act in certain situations as if they had such virtues, but lack these robust character traits?


Empathy, Expression, + Art

John Gibson, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy at The University of Louisville

Lib Jackson Student Union Theater 

5:00 p.m.

There is a striking analogy between the terms we use to explain the nature of empathy and those we use to explain basic features of

how we emotionally engage with art. In this talk we’ll explore the extent to which we can turn this analogy into a proper theory: can our

experience of art, at least on occasion, be literally and non-trivially described as empathic? What must a work of art be if it can be a

proper object of empathy? Reception to follow in rotunda.