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21 January

Should We Live in Tiny Houses?

Dan Abel Ph. D., William Baird, and Laura Baird

Johnson Auditorium, Wall Building, Room 116 

4:00 p.m.

Join Dr. Danel Abel, William and Laura Baird as they bring to light some of the impacts of tiny living on the environment, raising a

family, education, economics, and aesthetics. The presentation will discuss several questions: Should tiny living be embraced by all? Is

tiny living a moral requirement in a world that faces overpopulation and global warming?  Do people in tiny houses live happier lives?


24 March

Perspectives on Social Justice: The Moral Challenge of Inequality for Communities of Faith

Panel Piscussion

Johnson Auditorium, Wall Building, Room 116

4:00 p.m.

In this second event in the series on social justice, various representatives of different religious and spiritual traditions will discuss how

communities of faith react or should react to the economic inequality in our society. 


3‌1 March

The Ethics of Social Media: Privacy, Espionage, and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier

Joseph Fitsanakis, Ph. D.

Johnson Auditorium, Wall Building, Room 116

4:00 p.m.

Joseph Fitsanakis has spent much of his academic career exploring the dark side of the digital frontier, focusing on subjects such as

cyber espionage, cyber terrorism and cyber sabotage. In this presentation, he will outline the ethical issues arising from the

unprecedented growth of social media and will relate them to routine aspects of our everyday lives. Among other things, he will

explore the following questions: Does social media make us more hostile and mean to each other? Why is cyberbullying such a

common phenomenon? How safe are we online? ‌