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Past Tea & Ethics Events

  • Past Tea & Ethics Events

Past Tea & Ethics Events

Below is a list of all past Tea & Ethics events. We are currently working to have each event title link to blurbs, the original flyer for the event, and a linked video of the presentation (if we have it).  Please check back for more updates!


9/27/2012            Owning Your Ideas

10/26/2012          Espionage

1/31/2013            Trending Now: Ethical Issues in Social Media        

3/21/2012            Animal Ethics  



9/1/2011              The Ethics of Disaster

9/15/2011            The Ethics of Belief

10/20/2011          Moral Basis of Capitalism

2/16/2012            Ethics of Grading            

4/19/2012            Team Ethics       



9/22/2010            What Do We Owe the Global Poor?      

10/26/2010          The Ethics of Citizenship Education

2/15/2011            New Racism in the Old South

3/9/2011              Transcended Earth: Ethics and Eco Art



9/17/2009            Harvest Time in the O.R.: Ethics of Organ Donation

10/22/2009          Ethics of Intellectual Property in a Wired World              

1/29/2010            Is Your Face in My Space?: Ethics of Digitization              

3/4/2010              Empty Water: Ethics of Marine Conservation



9/17/2008            Virtue Ethics & Sexuality            

10/21/2008          If Trees & Polar Bears Could Talk

1/29/2009            Sex, Lies & Hypocrisy: Ethics of Censorship in Art

3/3/2009              Gazing on the Face of the "Other": Ethics of Compassion in the Global Village



9/18/2007            Am I to Blame? Ethics of War in the Middle East              

10/24/2007         "I Do" or "I Don't": Feminism, Marriage and the Modern Family             

1/29/2008            Is it Unethical to Give to Charity?



9/14/2006            Is "Doin What Comes Naturally" Ethical?            

11/9/2006            Cut Down the Pine Forest and Build a Mall: What's the Problem?

1/18/2007            Pandemic Ethics: Is Providing Healthcare an Obligation               

3/22/2007            The Global Challenges and the Local Consequences of Immigration



9/22/2005            Medicine and Ethics at the End of Life

11/10/2005          The Ethics of War           

1/26/2006            Business Ethics: Is the Wal-mart Model Right for America?

3/30/2006            Cheating: A Cultural Norm?


11/11/2004         Ethical Isssues at the Beginning of Life

1/20/2005            Local Concerns in Environmental Ethics

3/3/2005              Ethical Issues in Technology

4/21/2005            Sports Ethics: Can Ethical Behavior Win?