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Meet Our New Ethics Fellow

Ethics Fellow - David Holliday

The Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values is proud to introduce David Holiday as

the Ethics Fellow for the 2015-16 school year. David's work in Philosophy is primarily

focused on moral theory, moral psychology and the history of ethics (esp 20th Century).

For more information about David, or to contact him please visit his biography page




Featured News 

Jackson Scholars Travel to D.C. with the Edgar Dyer Institute for Leadership and Public Policy

During March 2015, 7 Jackson Scholars participated in the Washington D.C. Leadership

Delegation with the Edgar Dyer Institute for Leadership and Public Policy.

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Upcoming Events


26 August

Ethics of Freshman Year

Java Jabber Panel Discussion featuring experienced 

students, advisors, and faculty members, about various

issues that may arise during freshman year.

Bryan Information Commons at 5:00 p.m.


10 September

Test of Character:

How Good (Or Bad) Are We?

Christian Miller, Ph.D associate professor of philosophy at

Wake Forest University and author of Character and Moral

Psychology as well as Moral Character: An Empirical Theory,

will reflect on empirical methods that allow us to assess



17 September 

When Race Isn't Racism -

But Still Dangerous

Issac Bailey, columnist for The Sun News, discusses a

growing body of neurological research that explains how our

brains are shaped by our environment.


24 September

You Don't Get Your

Degree From Google:

Academic Integrity and the Internet 

In this discussion, Frederick Wood, academic integrity

officer of CCU will reflect on the challenges the faces in

promoting academic integrity across campus. 


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About the Center

The primary focus of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics & and Values is to cultivate awareness throughout the academic and surrounding communities of

the importance and lifelong rewards of personal and professional integrity. In order to achieve its goals, the Jackson Center sponsorsfour cornerstones: the

Jackson Scholars, the Ethics & Leadership Academy, the Jackson Center Events Program, and the Visiting Ethicist series. The Center is guided by a director,

an assistant director, an ethics fellow, and a board of directors in order to recognize and celebrate the rich history and example of Mary Emily and Nelson

Jackson and their family.