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The purpose of the Jackson Scholar Program is to assist students to develop into future leaders

         with a strong foundation in ethics and a clear awareness of their own values. 


1. Recruitment: We select Jackson Scholars based on GPA, application letters, and interviews.

2. Jackson Scholars receive a $500 award for each semester they are enrolled in the program.

3. Jackson Scholars will take one ethics course per semester. Students usually take the following courses:

             Philosophy 102: Introduction to Ethics
             Philosophy 305: Contemporary Moral Problems
             Philosophy 311: Ethical Theory
             Philosophy 399: Independent Study Leadership Course                                                                                                               -- Jackson Scholars in this course will work with the Jackson Center's director and the                                             Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (ILPP). 

4. Jackson Scholars participate in the Jackson Center’s various events through promotion and attendance. They         also work with the After-School Ethics Academy, which is especially important as it allows Jackson Scholars to       mentor 6th grade students from Horry County middle schools about ethics and values.

5. Leadership Opportunities: Jackson Scholars will serve leadership roles within COHFA and the University. This         includes, but is not limited to: serving as the Dean's Student Advisory Council for Edwards College of                   Humanities and Fine Arts, serving in the student senate, and serving on the student conduct board.

6. The Jackson Scholars will participate in the Regional Ethics Bowl competition in November 2014 at Clemson           University. The competition is comprised of two teams of undergraduate students who are presented with an         ethical problem and then judged on the logic and structure of their responses as well as how the team works         together to respond.