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Resource Center

Resources at The Jackson Center

Coastal Carolina University’s commitment to quality, integrity, and service to the local community includes the Jackson Center providing resources and development opportunities to local businesses, students, and service community organizations. 


One of the four cornerstones of the Center, The Jackson Resource Center provides workshops for corporate, non-profit, and health-related organizations, as well as other entities wishing to educate and empower employees on issues in professional ethics.  Through providing resources, including books, articles, visual media, speakers, and facilitators, the Jackson Center serves as an ongoing triage center for local inquiries on matters of ethical concern. The Jackson Resource Center collaborates with the Kimbel Library, making the Center’s resources available to be checked-out through the library and interlibrary loan.  Consultation and training is also offered for university faculty and staff directed toward an ethics-across-the-curriculum approach to teaching, learning, and decision-making throughout the university.


The links on the left will allow you to explore in detail the various component of the Resource Center.