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What is a Visiting Ethicist?

  • What is a Visiting Ethicist?
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The Jackson Center's Visiting Ethicist

All communities benefit from the nourishment of fresh perspectives, knowledge, and encouragement. In light of this, the Jackson Center's Board of Directors invites an internationally recognized ethics scholar to the Coastal Carolina University campus each year. During the visit, the speaker will participate in the following activities.

  • The Jackson Visiting Ethicist delivers a public lecture that is free and open to the community.  The lecture features ample time for audience participation and discussion.
  • The Jackson Visiting Ethicist leads a private seminar the morning following the lecture for selected students of philosophy and other disciplines that relate to the field of study of the ethics scholar.

The Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values has had the pleasure of bringing some highly recognized ethicists to Coastal Carolina University. Jackson Visiting Ethicists are well respected in the fields of Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, and Global Ethics, respectively.