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Foreign Language Placement Guidelines

The foreign language placement test is required of students who have previous experience with French, German, or Spanish and who plan to continue studying one of these languages.

Core Curriculum Foreign Language Requirement

Goal 5 of CCU's Core Curriculum states that students must complete three credit hours in a foreign language course at the 130 level or higher, or they must take six credit hours of a foreign language in sequence. The introductory level of all language courses is 110 followed by 120 and 130. The Department of World Languages and Culture also offers a 111 course in certain languages that incorporates the 110 and 120 curriculums together in one course. Languages offered at CCU are: French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Starting a New Language

Students who wish to start a new language they have never studied should register for an introductory level 110 course.

Foreign Language Placement FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions for additional information regarding foreign language placement at CCU.

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