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Circulation: Library Laptop check-out

The following policy applies to Kimbel Library's wireless laptop computers that circulate for in-house use only to active Coastal Carolina University students.

Who Can Borrow Laptops:
  • Laptops can only be checked out to active Coastal Carolina University (CCU) students with a valid (CCU) ID card.

  • Two forms of picture ID (current CCU ID and driver's license or other official ID source) must be presented at the Library's Circulation Desk at the time of checkout.

  • Each laptop borrower must complete (every semester) a Equipment Liability Form. This form details the borrower's liability in regard to laptop use.

  • Every laptop borrower must sign the Laptop Circulation Log each time a laptop is borrowed:
    PC# ________
    Time Due: 1st ______ 2nd ______
    3rd ______
    Student Initials __________
    Circulation Initials ____________

  • Laptops are intended for university-related use, in accordance with CCU's Information Technology Services' Computer Usage Policies & Procedures available at:
Time Limits & Availability:
  • One laptop per patron can be checked out from the Library's 1st floor Circulation Desk on a first-come, first-served basis for in-house use only.

  • Check out begins when the Library opens each day and laptops must be returned 30 minutes before Library closing.

  • Checkout is for a 3-hour period (or mandatory return time prior to Library closing). One 3-hour renewal is available upon request if other users are not waiting for a laptop. Checkout an AC adapter to student if battery is not fully charged (or on request).
Fines & Liability:
  • Overdue fines are $5.00 per hour. The maximum overdue fine is $20.00. Laptops not returned by mandatory return time may be reported to Campus Police for retrieval.

  • The borrower is responsible for the laptop's safe return to the Circulation Desk. All costs associated with damage to laptops or replacements of lost/stolen laptops (in part or in whole) occurring during checkout period are the responsibility of the borrower.

  • Replacement cost of a lost/stolen laptop will be a minimum of $1800 plus any accrued overdue fines.

  • Repair and replacement costs for damages to a laptop will be the actual cost of labor and parts.
  • Laptops (or any other valuables) should never be left unattended in the Library.

  • Laptops may not be taken out of the Library for any reason.

  • The Library is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged laptops, personal computers, components, or any other items.

  • To ensure privacy and for maintenance purposes, all user files will be removed from the laptop's hard drive after each use. The Library is not responsible for files remaining on the hard drive after a laptop is returned by the user or for any loss of or damage to a user's files during the checkout period. Save work to a personal external storage device (floppy disk, CD).

  • Students must sign into Clean Access using their username and password in order to access the internet or print.
  • Laptops are linked to the printer at the Circulation Desk ($.05 per page).
  • Questions concerning Kimbel Library laptop lending may be directed to the 1st floor Circulation Desk (843-349-2400) or Reference (843-349-2414). Technical support questions should be directed to the Library's Student Computing Lab attendants (843-349-3924).

Laptop Circulation Procedures

  • Students must present two forms of picture ID (current CCU ID and driver's license or other official ID source) checkout a laptop. Hold CCU ID until laptop is returned to the Circulation Desk.

  • Each borrower must complete a Equipment Liability Form once per semester before a laptop is checked out. File liability form alphabetically in the folder. Insert message on patron’s record indicating liability form has been completed by typing “%lapt”.

  • The Circulation Desk maintains a daily Laptop Circulation Log (see example below). Laptop borrowers must sign the log, acknowledging their liability, each time a laptop is checked out. Paperclip circulation log along with CCU ID numerically, by laptop number (1-37) in box marked CCU ID CARDS, located beneath circulation counter.
    PC# ________
    Time Due: 1st ______ 2nd ______
    3rd ______
    Student Initials __________
    Circulation Initials ____________

  • Laptops will be checked out through the Library's automated circulation system. Laptops can only be checked out to active CCU students with a valid CCU ID by scanning the patron ID and the appropriate laptop barcode.

  • A Time Due Slip will be completed, and inserted into laptop pocket before handing the computer to the student.
  • Upon return, laptop must be activated and checked for damages to body and programming and to ensure that all parts (battery pack, floppy and/or cd drive) have been returned. Delete files that patrons have saved to the Desktop, Documents file and Recycle bin.

  • Check in the laptop by scanning the appropriate barcode(s).

  • Discard the Laptop Circulation Log and Time Due Slip.

  • Return CCU ID to the student (give only to the owner, not someone else).

  • Sanitize laptop as time permits.

  • Return laptop to the appropriate slot in laptop storage cart at circulation, ensuring that it is plugged in to recharge the battery. There are two small lights located on lower right of laptop. One indicates charging, the other indicates charged. If both are on, the laptop is not shut down properly.
  • Routine maintenance is performed at check-in by circulation staff.

  • If there is problem with a laptop, fill out the blue Problem Form. Tape form to the laptop, and replace in the laptop cabinet. Attach a Problem Magnet to the shelf where the laptop is stored. Denny French checks laptops routinely for problems.

  • Consult with Denny French, ext. 2642, concerning laptop repairs.

Date Last Modified: Aug 16, 2006
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