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ASA Style for Citing from Online Periodical Indexes

Articles located in full-text databases must be cited as coming from that database, since you did not use the original article.

The following are suggested citations for articles from the full-text databases at Kimbel Library based on ASA style.

An E-Book from NetLibrary:

Kirk, Stuart A. and William Reid James. 2002. Science and Social Work: a Critical Apprasial .
      New York: Columbia University Press. Retrieved November 17, 2003 from NetLibrary.

Article from a Reference Book:

Weber, Ellen S. 1999. "Gene Therapy." in The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, edited by
     D. Olendorf, C. Jeryan, and K. Boyen. Michigan: Gale Research. Retrieved September 5, 2001
     from Health and Wellness Resource Center.


Centers for Disease Control. 2001. Skin Cancer: Preventing America's Most Common Cancer.
      Retrieved September 5, 2001 from Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Magazine article:

Wingert, Pat. 2001. "Parents Today Make More Time for Quality Time." Newsweek, May 21, p. 53.
      Retrieved September 5, 2001 from InfoTrac OneFile.

Journal Article:

Oliver, Pamela E. and Gregory M. Maney. 2000. "Political Processes and Local Newspaper Coverage of
      Protest Events:  From Selection Bias to Triadic Interactions." American Journal of Sociology
     106:463-507. Retrieved September 5,  2001 from InfoTrac OneFile.

Makela, Pia. 1999. "Views Into Studies of Differences in Drinking Habits and Alcohol Problems Between
     Sociodemographic Groups." Contemporary Drug Problems 26:633-651. Retrieved July 2, 2002 from
     Health Reference Center Academic.

South, Scott J. and Steven F. Messner. 2000. "Crime and Demography: Multiple Linkages, Reciprocal
      Relations."  Annual Review of Sociology 26:83-106. Retrieved September 5, 2001 from Expanded
     Academic Index.

Soyoung, Kim and Mary A. Littrell. 2001. "Souvenir Buying Intentions for Self Versus Others." Annals of
     Tourism Research
28:638-657. Retrieved September 5, 2001 from ScienceDirect.

Michaud, Pierre-Andre, Robert W. Blum, and Gail B. Slab. 2001. "Cross-cultural Surveys of Adolescent
      Health and Behavior: Progress and Problems." Social Science and Medicine 53:1237-1246.
      Retrieved September 5, 2001 from  ScienceDirect.

Downey, Douglas B. 1995. "When Bigger is not Better: Family Size, Parental Resources, and Children's
      Educational  Performance." American Sociological Review 60:746-761. Retrieved February 12, 2002
      from JSTOR.

Blair-Loy, Mary and Amy S. Wharton. 2002. "Employees' use of Work-Family Policies and the Workplace
      Social Context."  Social Forces 80:813-845. Retrieved April 10, 2002 from Project Muse.

Newspaper Articles:

Burrowes, Natalie. 2001. "Report Ranks Myrtle Beach, S.C., Fifth in U.S. for Economic Growth."
     The Sun News, July 19.  Retrieved September 5, 2001 from NewsBank NewsFile.

Wilgoren, Jodi. 2001. "National Briefing Education: School Enrollment Rising." New York Times, August
      17, p.A14. Retrieved September 5, 2001 from InfoTrac Custom Newspapers.

An Abstract:

Bonuck, Karen A. 2001. "Housing Needs of Persons with HIV and AIDS in New York State."
      (Abstract). Journal of Health and Social Policy 13:61-73. Retrieved September 5, 2001 from
      Sociological Abstracts.

A Database Available on the Internet (not a periodical index):

U.S. Census Bureau. 2003. "IBD Summary Demographic Data for Austria." U.S. Census Bureau
     International Database.
Retrieved September 24, 2003 from

An ERIC Document available online through the ERIC Database:

Frieden, Lex. 2005. "NCD and the Americans with Disabilities Act: 15 Years of Progress." (ERIC
      Document ED485686). Washington, DC: National Council on Disability. Retrieved January 30, 2006
      from ERIC.

To do an ASA style citation, start with the format of the original article, whether it is a book, magazine article, journal, etc. In the second half of the citation indicate the date that you found the article and the name of the index that you used.

Additional information on ASA style is found in the American Sociological Association Style Guide, available on reserve at the circulation desk of Kimbel Library. The American Sociological Association website also provides examples of ASA style.

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