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Media Collection: Art Videos, A - K

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Title Viewing Time Call Number
Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance [DVD] 60 mins. N6538.N5 A33 2006
L'age D'or (The Golden Age) [DVD] 63 mins. PN1997 .A31181 2004
Aflred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye [DVD] 90 mins. TR140.S7 A44 2001
La Alhambra [VHS] 19 mins. NA387 .A54 1991
Alice Neel (1900-1984) [VHS] 28 mins. ND1329 .N36 A54 1990
The Americas: Builders of Images [VHS] 60 mins. F1408 .A617 1993e v. 7
Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film [DVD] 240 mins. N6537.W28 A84 2006
Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film [DVD] 100 mins. TR140.A3 A32 2004
Antonio Gaudi [DVD] 72 mins. NA1328 .A58 2008
Art:21: Art in the Twenty-First Century:
Seasons One and Two [DVD]
******* N6512.7 .A68
Art City: Making it in Manhattan [DVD] 58 mins. N6512 .A62
The Art of Making Teapots [VHS] 27 mins. NK4225 .V84 1992e
The Art of Quilting [DVD] 60 mins. TT835 .A78 2007
The Art of Romare Bearden [VHS] 30 mins. N856 .B43 A7 2003
Art of the Western World* [ONLINE] 58 mins. each
*The Classical Ideal [ONLINE] ******* No. 1
*A White Garment of Churches--Romanesque and Gothic [ONLINE] ******* No. 2
*The Renaissance [ONLINE] ******* No. 3
*The High Renaissance [ONLINE] ******* No. 4
*Realms of Light--The Baroque [ONLINE] ******* No. 5
*An Age of Reason, An Age of Passion [ONLINE] ******* No. 6
*A Fresh View--Impressionism and Post Impressionism [ONLINE] ******* No. 7
*Into the Twentieth Century [ONLINE] ******* No. 8
*In Our Own Time [ONLINE] ******* No. 9
The Artist Was a Woman [VHS] 55 mins. N8354 .A77 1980e
Artists in Print: Etching [VHS] 30 mins. NE2012 .A78 1984e
Artists in Print: Lithography [VHS] 30 mins. NE2347.6 .A78 1984e
Artists in Print: Prints and Reproductions [VHS] 30 mins. NE860 .A78 1984e
Artists in Print: Relief Printing [VHS] 30 mins. NE539 .A78 1984e
Artists in Print: Screen Printing [VHS] 30 mins. NE539 .A785 1984e
Basic Color [VHS] 73 mins. ND1500 .B27 1994e
The Bauhaus at Weimar 1919-23 [VHS] 25 mins. N332 .G33 B386 1975e
Beginning to Throw on the Potter's Wheel [VHS] 62 mins. TT920 .B445x 1996
Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Indian Art and Its Evolution [DVD] 45 mins. N6538 .A4 B49 1989
Beyond Words: The Marriage of Art and Literature in Bookmaking [DVD] 28 mins. NE890 .B49 1999
Cathedral [DVD] 58 mins. NA4830 .C38 2006
Handbuilding, Part 2 [VHS]
45 mins. TT920 .C47 1990
Un Chien Andalou/Land without Bread (Salvador Dali) [VHS] 43 mins. PN1997 .C464 2000
Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress [DVD] 57 mins. ND1329 .C54 C48 2006
The Civil War Photographers [VHS] 43 mins. E468.7 .C5 1987
Clayworks [VHS] 14 mins. NK4210 .C53
Contemporary Ceramic Teapots [DVD] 19 mins. NK4695 .T43 C66 2005
The Day the Universe Changed:
Printing Transforms Knowledge [VHS]
52 mins. Z124 .P74 1986e
A Demonstration in Oil
with Burton Silverman:
Portrait of a Young Girl: Jenny [VHS]
225 mins. ND1300 .B87 2000
Diego Rivera: The Age of Steel [VHS] 30 mins. ND259 .R5 D4
Donatello: the First Modern Sculptor [VHS] 60 mins. NB623 .D7 D65 1986e
Drawing the Line : a portrait of Keith Haring [DVD] 30 mins. N6537 .H348 D738 2004
The Eye of Thomas Jefferson [VHS] 27 mins. N 856 .E94 1986
Frida Kahlo [DVD] 45 mins. N8355 .F7533 2006
Faith Ringgold [VHS] 28 mins. N6538 .N5 F34 1991e
The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher[DVD] 50 mins. NE670.E75 F36 2006
FRIDA Naturaleza Viva [VHS] 108 mins. ND259 .K33 .F74 1989e
Fundamentals of Scenic Painting [VHS] 81 mins. ND2885 .R36 1989
Georgia O'Keefe [DVD] 45 mins. ND195 .G467453 2006
Goddess Remembered [VHS] 54 mins. BL473.5 .G62 1989e
The Great Masters of the Italian Renaissance [VHS] 56 mins. ND615 .G74 2007
Here's Looking at You: A Celebration of Body Art [DVD] 57 mins. GT2343 .H47 2005
How Art Made the World [DVD] 240 mins. NX440 .H65 2006
The Human Canvas: Sacred Skin [DVD] 50 mins. GN419.15 .H86 2008
The Illustrated Handscroll Tale of Genji [DVD] 60 mins. PL788.4. G415 T35 2004
The Impressionists: Degas [DVD] 50 mins. ND547.5.I4 I47 2006 V. 2
The Impressionists: Manet [DVD] 50 mins. ND547.5.I4 I47 2006 V. 6
The Impressionists: Monet [DVD] 50 mins. ND547.5.I4 I47 2006 V. 1
The Impressionists: Pissaro [DVD] 50 mins. ND547.5.I4 I47 2006 V. 4
The Impressionists: Renoit [DVD] 50 mins. ND547.5.I4 I47 2006 V. 3
The Impressionists: Seurat [DVD] 50 mins. ND547.5.I4 I47 2006 V. 5
In a Brilliant Light: Van Gogh in Arles [VHS] 58 mins. ND653 .G7 I58 1984e
Inlaid Colored Clay [VHS] 44 mins. NK4225 .C377 1992e
Intaglio Platemaking [VHS] 30 mins. NE1625 .I58 1972e
Introduction to Throwing on the Potter's Wheel [VHS] 53 mins. TT920 .I58 1993e
James McNeill Whistler: His Etchings [DVD] 22 mins. N7430 .N37 2005
Japanese Woodcut Workshop [VHS] 73 mins. NE1323 .J37 1991e

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