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Media Collection: Art Videos, L - Z

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The Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church [DVD] 29 mins. N6505 .A43 2001
Lasansky: Inside the Image [VHS] 50 mins. NE539 .L3 L3 1993e
Leonardo: To Know How To See [VHS] 55 mins. N856 .L46 1972
Linnea in Monet's Garden [DVD] 30 mins. ND553 .M7 L55x 1994
Living Treasures of Japan [VHS] 60 mins. NK1071 .L52 1988e
Mary Cassatt [DVD] 45 mins. ND195 .M379 2006
Maskmaking with Paper [DVD] 20 mins. TT898 .M37 1993
Masters of Illusion [DVD] 30 mins. N7430 .N37 2005
Mobiles: How to Create Them [VHS] 35 mins. NB1315 .R67 M63 2001
Mondrian [DVD] 30 mins. ND653 .M76 M6587 2007
Norman Rockwell: Painting America [VHS] 86 mins. ND237.R68 N67 1999
Of Time, Tombs and Treasures [VHS] 60 mins. N5330 .N38 2006
Oil Portrait: Daniel Greene [DVD] 160 mins. ND1505 .O35 2002
Painting the Portrait, Portrait of Louis [DVD] 125 mins. ND1302 .P35 2006
Paul Klee [DVD] 50 mins. N6888 .K55 A78 2003
Philip Pearlstein Draws the Artist's Model [VHS] 86 mins. ND1290 .P4 1985e
Picasso [DVD] 90 mins. N6853 .P5 P53 2002,
pts. 1 & 2
Portrait of an Artist: Chagall [VHS] 55 mins. ND699 .C5 C52 1985e
Portrait of an Artist: David Hockney [VHS] 55 mins. TR654 .H6 1983e
The Post-Impressionists [DVD] 6 Discs 50 mins. each ND192.P6 P6 2000
Recycled, Re-seen: Folk Art
From the Global Scrap Heap [VHS]
35 mins. NK600 .R43x 1997
(with guide)
Registration of a Printing Plate [VHS] 21 mins. NE2815 .R44 1979e
Roar of the Gods: Museum of Modern Art of Latin America [VHS] 20 mins. F2270.2 .R6 1978e
The Rotund World of Botero [VHS] 56 mins. N6679 .B6 R678 1994e
Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections [DVD] 30 mins. ND237 .L627 R69 1993
Rufino Tamayo: The Sources of his Art [VHS] 28 mins. ND259 .T3 R485 1993e
Salvador Dali[DVD] 50 mins. N7113.D3 S2 2004
Seeing Color: Object, Light, Observer [DVD] 27 mins. ND1488 .S44 2004
The Shock of the New* 52 mins. each N6447 .S56 2001
*The Mechanical Paradise [DVD] ******* No.1
*The Powers That Be [DVD] ******* No.2
*The Landscape of Pleasure [DVD] ******* No.3
*Trouble in Utopia [DVD] ******* No.4
*The Threshold of Liberty [DVD] ******* No.5
*The View from the Edge [DVD] ******* No.6
*Culture as Nature [DVD] ******* No.7
*The Future That Was [DVD] ******* No.8
Soft Slab Techniques [VHS] 37 mins. NK4225 .C378 1993e
Spain: Everything Under the Sun [DVD] 50 mins. DP42 .S73 2006
Tangible Spirits [VHS] 27 mins. NB1271 .S22 1996e
Tattoo-Ink [DVD] 78 mins. GN419.3 .T33 2005
The True Meaning of Pictures [DVD] 71 mins. F217 .A65 T78 2003
Viscosity Printing [VHS] 48 mins. NE850 .V47 1977e
Why Man Creates [DVD] 25 mins. BF408 .W49 2005
William H. Johnson [VHS] 25 mins. ND237 .J73 P69 1991e
(accompanying portfolio of paintings)
William Merritt Chase at Shinnecock [DVD] 26 mins. N6505 .A43 2001
Winslow Homer: The Nature of the Artist [DVD] 29 mins. N6505 .A43 2001
Woman's Work: Making Quilts, Creating Art [DVD] 61 mins. TT835 .W66 2003
Wood Block Print Making [VHS] 29 mins. NE1112 .S8 A35 1985
A World of Art: Works in Progress* [ONLINE] 25 mins.each
*Lorna Simpson [ONLINE] ******* No.1
*Guillermo Gomez-Pena [ONLINE] ******* No.2
*Bill Viola [ONLINE] ******* No.3
*Hung Liu [ONLINE] ******* No.4
*Beverly Buchanan [ONLINE] ******* No.5
*June Wayne [ONLINE] ******* No.6
*Milton Resnick [ONLINE] ******* No.7
*Judy Baca [ONLINE] ******* No.8
*Goat Island [ONLINE] ******* No.9
*Mierle Laderman Ukeles [ONLINE] ******* No.10

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