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Media Collection: Juvenile Literature Related to Community Helpers

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Bus Drivers
Construction Workers
Garbage Collectors
Migrant Workers
Newspaper Carriers
Police Officers
Postal Workers
Various Occupations

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The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins Barbara Kerley Lexile: AD550 QE861.5 .K47 2001

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Girls Got Game: Sports Stories and Poems Sue Macy Lexile: 850 PZ5 .G445 2001

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Fannie in the Kitchen Deborah Hopkinson Lexile: 380 TX652.5 .H62 1999
In the Night Kitchen Maurice Sendak Lexile: AD330 PZ7 .S47 In

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Uncle Jed's Barbershop Margaree King Mitchell Lexile: AD710 PZ7 .M6937 Un 1993
Vision of Beauty: The Story of Sarah Breedlove Walker Kathryn Lasky Lexile: 870 HD9970.5 .C672 W3547 2000

beauty.jpg, 13369 bytes

Catching the Fire: Philip Simmons, Blacksmith Mary E. Lyons Lexile: 710 NA8392 .S57 L96 1997

busdr.jpg, 13369 bytes

Axle Annie Robin Pulver Lexile: AD380 PZ7 .P97325 Ax 1999
Don't Let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus Mo Willems Lexile: PZ7 .W65535 Don 2003

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Bug Dance Stuart J. Murphy Lexile: AD100 QP443 .M8 2002

constrw.jpg, 13369 bytes

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Virginia Lee Burton Lexile: 820 PZ7 .B954 Mi 1967

dentist.jpg, 13369 bytes

Doctor De Soto William Steig Lexile: AD560 PZ7 .S8177 Do 1982

doctor.jpg, 13369 bytes

Going to the Doctor Fred Rogers Lexile: RJ50 .R64 1986

farmer.jpg, 13369 bytes

Fanny's Dream Caralyn Buehner Lexile: 790 PZ7 .B884 Fan 1996
The Farmer in the Dell Mary Maki Rae Lexile: NP PZ8.3 .R24 Fa 1988
Haystack Bonnie & Arthur Geisert Lexile: SB198 .G45 1995

ffight.jpg, 13369 bytes

Chief: The Life of Peter J. Ganci, a New York City Firefighter Chris Ganci Lexile: 800 TH9118 .G35 G347 2003
Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms Christine Kole MacLean Lexile: PZ7 .M22423 Ev
Firefighters A to Z Chris L. Demarest Lexile: 310 TH9148 .D43 2000

garbage.jpg, 13369 bytes

I Stink! Kate & Jim McMullan Lexile: BR PZ7 .M2295 Is 2002

garden.jpg, 13369 bytes

The Gardener Sarah Stewart Lexile: AD570 PZ7 .S84985 Gar 1997
The Sky Sweeper Phillis Gershator Lexile: AD810 PZ7 .G316 Sk 2007

grocer.jpg, 13369 bytes

Frannie's Fruits Leslie Kimmelman Lexile: PZ7 .K56493 Fr 1991
General Store Rachel Field Lexile: PS3511 .I25 G4 1990
Night Markets: Bringing Food to a City Joshua Horwitz Lexile: HD9008 .N5 H67 1984
Store (Big Book) Susan Canizares and Pamela Chanko Lexile: HF5429 .C28 2000

janitor.jpg, 13369 bytes

Si, se puede!=Yes, we can! Diana Cohn Lexile: PZ73.C583 Si 2002

migrant.jpg, 13369 bytes

Amelia's Road Linda Jacobs Altman Lexile: 660 PZ7 .A46393 Am 1993
Working Cotton Sherley Anne Williams Lexile: PZ7 .W668174 Wo 1992

news.jpg, 13369 bytes

The Furry News: How to Make a Newspaper Loreen Leedy Lexile: 440 PN4776 .L4
The Paper Boy Dav Pilkey Lexile: AD530 PZ7 .P63123 Pap 1996

police.jpg, 13369 bytes

Make Way for Ducklings Robert McCloskey Lexile: AD630 PZ7 .M1336 Mak 1999
Officer Buckle and Gloria Peggy Rathmann Lexile: 510 Media Caldecott PZ7 .R1936 Of 1995

postal.jpg, 13369 bytes

What the Mailman Brought Carolyn Craven Lexile: PZ7 .C8534 Wh 1987
The Post Office Book: Mail and How it Moves Gain Gibbons Lexile: AD840 HE6371 .G5 1982
Mailing May Michael O. Tunnell Lexile: AD770 PZ7 .T825 Mai 1997
The Jolly Postman, or, Other People's Letters Janet and Allan Ahlberg Lexile: NP HE6161 .A55 1986

rest.jpg, 13369 bytes

Frank and Ernest Alexandra Day Lexile: PZ7 .D32915 Fr 1988
Two for Stew Laura Numeroff and Barney Saltzberg Lexile: NP PZ8.3 .N92 Tw 1996

science.jpg, 13369 bytes

Black Scientists Lisa Yount Lexile: Q141 .Y68 1991
Dear Benjamin Banneker Andrea Davis Pickney Lexile: AD1100 QB143 .B35 P56 1994
Listening to Crickets: A Story about Rachel Carson Candice F. Ransom Lexile: 930 QH31 .C33 R36 1993
Snowflake Bentley Jacqueline Briggs Martin Lexile: AD830 Media Caldecott QC858 .B46 M37 1998

seam.jpg, 13369 bytes

Betsy Ross and the Silver Thimble Stephanie Green Lexile: 190 E302.6 .R77 G74 2002

teach.jpg, 13369 bytes

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten Joseph Slate Lexile: 590 PZ8.3 .S629 Mi 1998
Miss Nelson is Back Harry Allard and James Marshall Lexile: 320 PZ7 .A413 Mh 1982
Miss Nelson is Missing! Harry Allard and James Marshall Lexile: 340 PZ7 .A413 Mi 1977
Thank You, Mr. Falker Patricia Polacco Lexile: AD650 PZ7 .P75186 Tf 1998

various.jpg, 13369 bytes

Be My Friend Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivanko Lexile: HM756 .A36 2004
Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms Christine Kole MacLean Lexile: PZ7 .M22423 Ev 2002
It Take a Village Jane Cowen-Fletcher Lexile: 390 PZ7 .C8358 I7 1994
Community Helpers from A to Z Bobby D. Kalman Lexile: IG730 HT675 .K35 1998
My Daddy is a Nurse Mark Wandro and Joani Blank Lexile: HF 5381.2 .W35 1981
On the Town: A Community Adventure Judith Caseley Lexile: PZ7 .C2677 Cg 2002
People Working Douglas Florian Lexile: HF5381.2 .F57 1983
Run-a-tum-tum Angela Shelf Medearis Lexile: 750 PZ8.3 .M551155 Ru 1997
Smokey Night Eve Bunting Lexile: 360 PZ7 .B91527 Sl 1994

volunteer.jpg, 13369 bytes

Uncle Wille and the Soup Kitchen DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan Lexile: PZ7 .D6224 Un 1997

write.jpg, 13369 bytes

The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Suess Kathleen Krull Lexile: AD950 PS3513 .E2 Z74 2004